1. tai4de2's Avatar
    Walmart has 2 versions of the 521. One is T-Mobile branded and as we know, locked to T-Mobile.

    Then there's another one, specifically described as "unlocked". The picture on their web site suggests that this is the MetroPCS version. Is it really unlocked? Others also carry this model of 521, including Best Buy and Frys, Are they all unlocked?

    Seems like it should be possible to flash a T-Mo firmware from NaviFirm and get WiFi calling on an unlocked 521.

    The specs on this thing don't definitely show UMTS 2100MHz support. Anyone tried a 521 n Europe and gotten 3G?
    12-09-2013 01:09 AM
  2. rakesh1995's Avatar
    If its cost is more than locked one then yes.better to call them and check

    Sent from my Uuusumm Lumia 520 using Tapatalk
    12-09-2013 01:41 AM
  3. tai4de2's Avatar
    I doubt cost is a good indicator. Fry's is selling the MetroPCS variant for $40 after rebate.

    Anyone know if the MetroPCS variant comes with the TMo WiFi calling support?
    12-09-2013 01:47 AM
  4. tai4de2's Avatar
    Tried it today. The Walmart MetroPCS Lumia 521 IS NOT unlocked. Inserted a foreign SIM card, booted, and was presented with WP's standard prompt for an unlock code. Returned the phone on the spot. Walmart really should fix their web site.
    flyingsolid likes this.
    12-09-2013 05:40 PM

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