1. null_and_void's Avatar
    Hello everyone,
    Today, i make a new thread, hope everyone can spend some minute to read and help my problem with my Nokia 525 touchscreen.
    I have a 525 device, running windows phone 8.1 preview and working normaly. Unfortunately, i have fell it down to the ground (height is about 0,5m). After falling down, it is still working but my touchscreen has a problem.
    When i text a message, i tap for a letter, but it jumps to other letter.
    When i slide to browse my app list, although i dont choose any app it lauchs an app automatically.
    When i play a game, Temple run 2 for example, at some scene, i can interact my touchscreen.
    When the problem occur, i have to push my power button and push it again. The problem disappear for temporary, and the problem occur very soon after that.
    I downloaded an app name "Hardware test", and chose "Touch" test.
    Before test:
    After test:
    So, i cannot make the blank line change to blue lines. Is my touchscreen have been damage when it fell down?
    I brough my phone to Nokia Care, and they just downgraded my phone to 8.0 (Black version), but cannot change anything.
    I need some suggestions from everyone, how can i deal with this problem?
    I'm appriciated with your help and sorry if my English is bad.
    11-28-2014 10:14 AM
  2. Dennis Bakker's Avatar
    It looks like a damaged touch screen. My sister had the same, but with a new phone. Her phone started apps or typed letters in random. I think you should contact Nokia and let them repair your phone if you still have warranty...
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    11-30-2014 11:52 AM

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