1. aravinth aravi24's Avatar
    Why you didn't provide windows 10 update on my Lumia 525? It has required space of 8gb internal memory and 1gb of ram
    12-11-2015 06:51 AM
  2. Nam Long's Avatar
    W10M isn't officially released OTA yet . You can get the W10M build via Insider program at your own risk or wait a little more .
    P.s current build works well on 520
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    12-11-2015 07:02 AM
  3. aravinth aravi24's Avatar
    Any problem for update via insider app?
    12-11-2015 07:11 AM
  4. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Why you didn't provide...
    Just to be clear… This is a fan based News and Discussion site. It is in no way run by Microsoft, Lumia or any developer.

    We don't have any official dates for Windows 10 Mobile rollouts. Stay tuned to our News Blog. They will shout out all OTA rollouts as they happen by model and country. Our members are great, many spotters will report in on conditions.

    http://www.Windows Central.com

    For information about using Insider:
    Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview - Windows Central Forums
    Results for "Windows Insider" | Windows Central
    12-11-2015 04:22 PM

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