1. soko_20's Avatar
    So every time I try to update my phone using the zune software (trying to update to the OS 7.10.8779.8) I always get an error and there has not been a resolution for this error yet on the web help link. Is anyone else getting this error or knows how to successfully update it? I've been encountering this error for quite some time now. Any help is appreciated thank you!
    10-05-2013 06:20 PM
  2. Muessig's Avatar
    Can you be any more specific which error you get and what the error message is? This will help us to help you!
    10-10-2013 12:20 PM
  3. soko_20's Avatar
    Whenever I plug in my phone and try to update it with the zune software I get an update error with code 80070424. My phone is the lumia 610
    10-14-2013 04:35 PM

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