1. SLotmanRJ's Avatar
    Before updating to Amber, I was creating my playlist with 1 songs on the phone, then going into Phone>Music>Playlists, and editing them from there (just dragging songs from my SD card into the playlists). Everything was working.

    Then I did the unfortunate decision to update to Amber.

    Now, no matters what I do, I can't edit playlists other than on the phone.

    This is what is happening to me:


    I create the playlist on the phone, I can see it on the computer. If I just add other songs into it, on the computer the playlist seems fine. But on the phone, it shows 0 songs, removing even the first song added on the phone when I created the playlist.

    If I unplug the phone from the computer, and plugs it back in, then the computer also shows the playlist empty. It appears no change I make on the computer gets saved on the phone.

    Trying to create playlists on Windows Media Player, just makes WMP freezes. (I'm on Windows 8 BTW).

    I'm going crazy with this - the second most important thing for me on a phone is being able to play music, and this is killing me. Why can I just select a folder from the SD and tell the player to play all files in there, as I could on every other Nokia phone I had before (all Symbian)?

    I've tried formatting the SD card (on the phone) and then copying everything over again. All the Xbox stuff is turned off.

    Can someone please suggest something to me? I'm seriously considering going back to an old, crappier phone because of this
    12-20-2013 05:44 AM
  2. SLotmanRJ's Avatar
    Kinda found a solution: I just reseted my phone. not happy because I lost my "OneNote" stuff, and have to download all my Nokia Maps again - but at least I can update my playlists once more.

    Not updating to Amber again in this lifetime. Microsoft has to step up or this is really going to fail badly.
    12-20-2013 07:05 AM

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