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    So as the title says, i'm facing strange problems after the update to Cyan. Let me explain...

    Issue No1) When i'm on the internet, via wi-fi , videos, either to youtube or other webpages (embedded or not), are not playing well, i've noticed that it has to do with screen's orientation most of the times. Usually (but not always) landscape orientation works but portrait view does not work at all, the screen is flickering and eventually goes black like when it locks but it's not locked. If i try to zoom-in it may show the video but i cannot reproduce this behaviour all the time.Also i have tried to watch videos, both ways, desktop or mobile view. Is there anyone facing the same issue?

    Issue No2) After the update, I can't reorder the tiles to start screen. As MS was advertising, the phone, after the update should have one other column for the tiles, I am aware that the updated o/s has this feature because i have the wp 8.1 developer preview installed on my HTC 8s (which has the same video issues). Does anyone have the same with me problem?

    So unless i am so wrong and not doing things right, something is going on with the update versions which needed to be double checked from Microsoft or there has been someone out there who have solved same probs and can help me out..
    07-23-2014 03:29 PM

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