1. Shane Bryan's Avatar
    Granted, my home PC is Windows 7 and the phone is WP8.1 but why is getting music onto my Lumia 635 so hard?

    If I plug the phone into my PC, it shows up as a USB drive so I can drag music into the Music folder, but everything I copy comes up under the Music Player app as "Unknown Artist" even though everything appears properly in both the Windows Media Library and iTunes.

    Secondly, the phone keeps creating these orphaned files. I delete an album, and there's 1 mp3 file it will not remove, it keeps appearing automatically.

    I downloaded the Windows Phone desktop app that you can use for syncing and that's dodgy also. It lets you choose between your iTunes and WM libraries, but then when I select an album, then sync it, it never syncs all the tracks and continually throws up error messages.

    At least I managed to pair it with the Bluetooth in my car, but man, copying stuff to this thing is a nuisance and the default music player app is rubbish.

    Is there an alternative music player app that's worth a damn?
    10-09-2014 08:47 PM
  2. Harry Wild's Avatar
    I never had trouble with transferring music into my 521! I have iTunes too and the Windows Phone App in my Windows 7 Ultimate Pro come on when I connect my mini USB into the 2.0 USB slot in front of my computer. It just ask if you would like to sync it and it grabs everything from the iTunes library if you say everything and then transfer it to my Nokia Lumia 521! Everything come across correctly: title, artist, group, etc...
    10-10-2014 01:34 AM
  3. Shane Bryan's Avatar
    I used Windows Media Player to do the sync, and that appears to work fine.
    10-11-2014 01:25 AM

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