1. mcclerren420's Avatar
    I purchased an unlocked Lumia 635 months ago and had it hooked up through straight talk, everything worked fine until the other day I realized I couldn't text my fiancee but she could text me and I could text everyone else. Then my service expired and I renewed it the next morning and asked the straight talk tech support to help with not being able to text my fiancee, they did something and now I can't send or receive text from anyone. I did a hard reset and reinstalled the apn,proxy,URL etc to straight talk as I did when I first activated the phone, still not able to send or receive text, someone said to switch SIM cards with another phone, but when I. Did that my phone wouldn't receive a signal. Any help would be greatly appreciated
    09-06-2015 08:35 PM
  2. realwarder's Avatar
    Since you talked to Straight Talk and they changed something and it broke, I would suggest talking to them to undo their change.
    09-06-2015 10:30 PM

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