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    I'm FINALLY getting a smartphone and a Windows Phone at that!!! ...a Lumia 710 if you couldn't figure it out from the forum. I'll be doing the $50 TMobile prepaid until Windows 8 comes out, assuming I find a better job. Depending on how significant the improvements are and what Verizon (not by choice) gets, I may upgrade to something more advanced.

    I've read all over the place about how user customization/set up of the phone makes it so much better than those journalists/bloggers that "try" Windows Phone for a week and do little to no setting up.

    I have all the contacts from my current dumb phone with phone numbers in my Windows Live. Having used W8CP, I have my facebook linked with my account, too. I don't use Twitter (as of now at least). My Windows Live Calendar does have double birthdays for seemingly all my contacts, which I can't figure out why. The help on Windows Live didn't fix the problem... if anyone has ideas, I'm all ears, but this isn't why I am writing!

    Anyway, other than linking my email and facebook, what other suggestions do people have for the initial set up? Any tricks to know? I already know about and how to access the speech-to-text/voice recognition feature. While I do like to tinker with and explore my new gadgets, I know there are so many features on cell phones that go unused. Any recommendations or suggestions are appreciated :) I plan to know about my phone to do some promoting during the upcoming holidays!
    03-25-2012 02:40 PM