1. legolex's Avatar
    Hi Everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me with this:

    A friend emailed me a few short video clips, during which she was speaking. When I open and view the video from my Lumia 710 in my Yahoo email there is zero sound, also the clip slows down to a crawl around the 15 second mark in all the videos regardless of size.

    -I have my volume all the way up on the phone and there's some staticky noises going on.
    -I've tried using a headset to listen, still nothing but noise.
    -When I use my computer to view the videos there's sound.

    I'm using the Lumia 710, which is up to date and I'm receiving video to my Yahoo Email. I've tried viewing with WiFi on and off and I have unlimited data on my plan, but like I said I'm using email since we can't text video.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!
    06-05-2012 07:07 AM