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    since about a week I am suffering some weird problems with the battery of my lumia 710. A week ago suddenly a questionmark-logo was displayed on the phones homescreen after charging it during the night. The phone was further working fine and when I removed the battery from the phone and put it back in again it was solved. and normal battery status was displayed.

    Today, about a week later without problems, I noticed really weird percentages for the state of charge of the battery.
    The phone was almost empty (already on batterysaver) when i plugged it in. Then I did some surfing / mail / messages and after 10 minutes the percentage of the charge was already at 73%. (unrealistic high value I think after 10 min of charge from an empty battery) After a night of charging it wasn't above 95%. so not completely full.

    In the past I already activated the Nokia Diagnostic app where you can see your battery status(voltage, current and percentage). I did it just for fun, to see what current it used at different settings. But now i tried to use it again, but now no information was displayed. No voltage, no current / status whatsoever. So there is some problem.

    Do you guys have a clue what the problem could be? Is my battery whorn or is it something more in the phones hardware? (i am using the phone now for 14 months, I am quite a heavy user, i often have to charge the phone already 6 pm.) The phone is by the way in a working order right now.

    I am looking forward to your reactions! I am really curious what the problem could be.

    Does it make sense to send it to a nokia care center? (and if so, is it covered under the warranty? I doubt if my 710 would be worth it to put too much money into it for a repair).

    Thank you again,

    kind regards,

    06-04-2013 06:42 AM
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    How expensive would it be to buy a 2nd battery? That would help you determine if it's the battery or the phone. If nothing else you'd have a backup battery to swap out when one runs out of charge.
    06-04-2013 11:10 AM

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