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    Hi everyone,

    I've been using a cheap Samsung phone (not a smartphone) for years, and I'm thinking of buying my first smartphone. The idea came along with the Lumia 520, really. Cheap, looks wonderful. But then, I've decided to pay a bit more and get something with more "stuff"; Lumia 620. Then I've said "OK, why don't I pay a bit more and get the one with the better battery":.. and this went on until one day I've found myself researching Xperia Z. Now I feel totally lost in this brand new (for me, I mean) stuff. I would really appreciate your help. Here are my thoughts and needs:

    1- I don't really care about having 56 cores and 124 megapixels on my bloody phone.
    2- I don't want a "cellphone" as big as my laptop.
    3- I don't want to pay my entire month's salary on a phone.
    4- I don't want to charge my phone overnight and come home running in the evening for a recharge.
    4- I don't want my phone to feel useless after one year (the battery, the performance, etc.)

    What I want is;

    1- A decent camera to take a picture when I feel like, as long as it's not blurry as hell or anything like that, it's OK.
    2- Good battery life, I'm not a power-user, I want to be able to get 2 days of charge, at least.
    3- Good audio output through the headphones, as I'll often use it as an mp3 player. The SD card lag that I've read about the Lumia 720 concerns me on this point, I should say.
    4- Some useful apps, I mean, come on, everyone says I should keep away from WP because the market sucks, they say that Android has something like 800.000 apps and WP has 100.000, what do I care?! I'll only use 5-10.
    5- I want to be able to use it for 2-3 years, minimum.

    I think it comes down to Lumia 720 and Xperia SP (or maybe L but the battery life concerns me), what do you think? Sorry for the long post, looking forward to your help!
    10-24-2013 02:34 PM
  2. Gaurav Paul's Avatar
    Judging by what you've posted, I'd suggest the Lumia 720.

    -Size and feel of the phone is absolutely perfect.
    -It costs around 17~18k. So not very expensive.
    -Battery will all bells and whistle last over 24 hrs (Wifi, location, mobile data always on). Since you're not a power user, you should easily get 2+ days of battery life.
    -Windows Phone OS is very stable and optimized. To give a context ALL Lumia phones can be upgraded to WP 8.1 when it releases next year. So the phone won't be obsolete.
    -The 720 has a really nice camera for its price. Throw a couple of nice lenses (apps) and you can use it as an everyday point n shoot cam.
    -Get a decent set of headphones and you're all set for great music. Use a Class 10 UHS memory card. There won't be any lag. And Nokia Music store has a nice collection of music for FREE!!
    -All everyday apps are available on WP. Some like Instagram and BBM are also making its way into the ever increasing store.
    -Rest assured you can use the phone for 2-3 years without a hitch. Lumia 800 still works well. That should make my point clear.

    Hope this helps.
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    10-24-2013 03:07 PM
  3. Gaurav Paul's Avatar
    Lumia Series or windows phones are worst phones as compare to any other phone or even china local phone. I bought lumia 720 & I am facing lots of issue.
    - With Watsapp the phone will work very slowly.
    Untrue. Windows Phones are among the most stable phone across all ranges. All Lumias are fast even though some including the 720 comes equipped with 512 MB RAM. That's how well optimized the OS is.

    - Unable to save downloaded video on phone or in memory card
    All videos are saved in phone memory by default. This can be changed by navigating to Settings>Phone Storage.

    - Unable to forward the videos
    Select and hold the video that needs to be shared until a pop up menu comes where you can share.

    - In Music, every song will appear more than 3 or 4 times, even it will play more than 3 or 4 times.
    Some users complain about song duplication. But I highly doubt 3-4. This will be fixed with Black.

    - While working on some application, suddenly it will come out & will the main screen.
    Please list out the apps which close on its own to the main screen. (Or maybe you pressed the start button accidentally)

    - Unable to open the downloaded PDF files from mails.
    There is an app called Adobe Reader or Microsoft's own PDF Reader. Please download and update if you're still unable to open downloaded PDFs.

    Even after update of OS to amber all the problems are there. I went to Nokia care even they have also accepted that we are receiving lots of complaints from customer for windows phones.
    But they wont tell you b4 selling these ***king phones.

    Conclusion : Never buy Windows phones Better go for Android.
    Hope I can grab your attention by forwarding you to this site

    Mobile Operating Systems - Readers' Choice Awards 2013: Smartphones and Mobile Carriers | PCMag.com

    Or maybe they are bunch of losers who use and I quote as you said "***king phones".

    Its better to know how to use a phone first than to start cribbing about not being able to use something and say that the phone is at faulty when the truth is something else.

    Please learn your device before passing a feedback. Ignorance is curable, Stupidity is not.
    10-25-2013 08:02 AM

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