1. Amritash Pathania's Avatar
    hi ,this is Tashu from india i own a lumia 720 since an year. hers the list of problems im facing

    13 feb ; my phone was draing battery at very faster rate so i decided to soft reset but after the soft reset ,phone behaved weird.
    the first thing i notice that date and time has been changed to 20 july 07.42 2013 (but real time was 4.30) .
    second thing i noticed battery drain it just went from 52% to 28 .
    Third thing i noticed every photo has showing it self 4 or 3 times

    these weird things keep on irritating me till 16 feb when i hard reset my phone and formatted my mem card.

    1st march ; every thing was just fine then toady from no where my phone again started to drain battery at much faster rate .i did a soft reset . but again it started showing 20 july , 7.42, 2013 .i switched it off and on then it showed august 2013 12.42 (actual date and time at that moment was 13.42 1/3/2014)

    i dont have ny idea guys whats the problem .please help i dont want to hard resett it again
    03-01-2014 02:11 AM
  2. jeetu4444's Avatar
    Check which app is draining it....keep background apps only few....is your phone on lumia black

    sent from lumia 1020 or note 2
    03-01-2014 02:15 AM
  3. Amritash Pathania's Avatar
    yes my phone is on black .background apps are only whatsapp and insider.
    03-01-2014 02:19 AM
  4. Amritash Pathania's Avatar
    I dont kno .help
    03-01-2014 03:54 AM
  5. EpicIncognitO's Avatar
    You need to give it to the Nokia guys, get its software checked mate.
    I dont kno .help
    03-01-2014 07:26 AM
  6. shmsnh's Avatar
    The date and time reset when you do a soft reset. Was there something specific you were doing when you noticed this sudden battery discharge? If you can't figure out what's wrong, you should to go a Nokia Care Centre and have them check whether your battery if faulty.
    03-01-2014 10:00 AM

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