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    Hi, I have a 9 month old Lumia 720 for which I upgraded to WP8.1 last week(10/Sept/14 evening to be exact). On 11th Sept, I put my phone to charge as usual. After around 2 hours, I noticed that phone has fully charged so I removed it from the charger, and tried to unlock screen by swiping. But the touch screen didn't respond. I tried several reboots(Vol Down + Power key procedure) but touch screen is not at all working. I searched for similar issue extensively online(and here) but could not find anyone reporting this. My phone's display was damaged after falling down in June this year. I replaced the touch screen which cost me half of the phone's price. I lost the warranty also because of it. The person at the Nokia Care center told me there is no option but to replace touch screen again!(They told this after they did factory reset and issue was still seen). So I took my phone to another repair shop , and the guy over there replaced the touch screen and some IC inside but still issue persists. He told me it could be a problem on the board. Can anyone guide me on this? Should I take my phone to Nokia care again and try my luck? Of course they will ask me to replace the screen and will later come to know that screen replacement won't work. Could it be HW or SW problem?
    09-18-2014 11:43 AM
  2. rusty_sim's Avatar
    Hi J

    I have a similar issue with my L820. I'm confident the problem is incompatibility between the replacement digitizers and the Cyan firmware. I had minor problems on Black with DP 8.1 but it wasn't too bad. I recommend cutting your losses and moving on. Unfortunately the 620,720 and 820 are becoming increasingly hard to find, and I don't like the 630,730 and 830.

    Edit: Nokia Care Suite won't help you get back to Amber or Black because only Cyan will be available but if you can find all the files needed somewhere online then you could try flashing to an earlier firmware
    09-18-2014 05:53 PM

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