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    I own a Nokia Lumia 720 in the initial month I got some hardware problem so took it to the nokia service center they repaired it and all was good. Then at the service center I saw the offer to extend my warranty for another year. Since I wanted to keep the phone as long as it 3-4 years I thought "WHAT THE HELL" and bought the extended warranty with a payment of 525. An year passed and my flash started acting weird sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't so I took it to the authorized NCC and they declined to repair it saying my warranty has expired even after showing them the payment proof they said my warranty is not updated "online" so they cannot do anything and will charge me for the services.

    So i called the nokia care line filed a complaint hoped that the issue would get resolved soon..they asked me for the copy of payment proof which i provided and there was a long silence from their side after that so days later I get the call with the spokesperson telling me that my warranty CANNOT be extended all they can do is REFUND the original amount which I paid for the extension of warranty!!!!

    I don't want the refund I want my warranty extended because I paid them the full amount for the services on time but they failed to UPDATE the status "online" so why should I suffer here? its not my fault that NCC people failed to update on the server. This is not even a solution for me I brought a lumia out of sheer love for nokia and its services. But after this experience I am really disappointed and not gonna buy another nokia device.

    Wanted to share the experience so anyone reading this should double check their warranty status if they brought it even from the authorized nokia dealer/service center/priority store and any other solution for the problem is welcomed. :)
    10-03-2014 12:27 AM

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