1. RCOPEH's Avatar
    I've been using my 735 for a day or two now and, so far, I'm really very happy.

    After using a HTC HD7 before going to Android, I came back to Windows Phone with the Lumia 800. After that, I went to the Lumia 820, the HTC 8x and then the Lumia 925.

    I loved the 820, but the screen was a little poor and it weighed a bit. I loved the HTC 8X but it was poorly supported in the light of the progress being made by Nokia. I loved my Lumia 925 but it often got hot and unpredictable. And for all three of these, I was always watching the battery.

    So, on a tight budget, I was impressed by the reviews of the 735, particularly on The Register and figured I'd give it a punt as a last ditch attempt at being really happy with Windows Phone.

    At this point, I think it important to say that the marketing of this phone is really limiting its appeal. It's being marketed as a phone for kids who want to take pictures of themselves and I'm so not that demographic (I'm not young, I'm buck-toothed and I'm bald) and the marketing made me think that this phone was surely not for me. The specs and (especially) the reviews told me otherwise; this is a phone for grown-ups as well, in particular, grown-ups who can't afford more expensive Windows Phones and who feel the specs of the 6x range are too low.

    So, as I said, I gave it a punt and, so far, I so don't regret it.

    Plus Points for me after using it for a few days are;

    * Battery is great (and removable)
    * Beautiful Screen
    * Easy to hold
    * Light
    * Responsive
    * Compatible with all my stuff (except my Bluetooth keyboard - go figure)
    * Reasonable camera
    * SD Card
    * < 200 SIM Free

    I feel that the compromises I've made are;

    * Overall size
    * Camera
    * Glance

    I know there are other things at play under the hood to make this a lower specced phone, but these are the ones that I noticed and, really, don't care that much about.

    I hear the Lumia 830 is going to be around 300. I would have really liked that, but then I have to ask myself, if it were possible to purchase an app for 100 that gave me back the things I feel I've lost to compromise, would I pay 100 to download it?

    The biggie for me, though, is the battery. I forgot to charge the phone last night. If that had happened to me with any of my older phones and they had 50% at the start of the day, I'd have been gutted but this one? I was confident it would last me all I needed, and it did.

    So, after all my rambling, if you're not a selfie-taking millennial and you're looking for a decent Windows Phone, don't overlook this little gem; it may be just what you're looking for.

    TIP: This doesn't have a camera button, so I just added it to the action centre and now I can take photos without having to unlock the phone (still not as nice as having a dedicated button though)
    10-08-2014 02:34 PM
  2. SyntacticSyntax's Avatar
    Thanks man! This is the only phone that I want since I'm a student and tight on budget.
    10-08-2014 11:55 PM
  3. ashu11sharma's Avatar
    Yeah, very rightly said. I owned L720 before and got my gf L730; gotta say the image quality is improved, may be due to the increased sensor size. The phone is snappy, Camera awesome(better than samsung's 8 MP crap); battery life: better.
    All in all, I am very tempted to get this device for myself too. Tho my 2 yr old L720 is holding very good and is not showing any sign of aging (speedwise & looks wise, both).. sigh.. & I think I'll have to give my L720 to someone in family to get L730..
    10-10-2014 12:09 AM
  4. prasath1234's Avatar
    Bwn lumia 820 is not poor it is amoled display.It is not in quantity pixel but quality.only thing I liked about is amoled blacks are really deep.
    From Windows phone
    10-10-2014 12:48 AM
  5. Haris M's Avatar
    720 and 730 have got the same sensor
    10-10-2014 06:41 AM

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