1. jai raj kumar's Avatar
    Hi there,

    Its been 15days i have used my lumia 730. I had found some minor issues that can been resolved. Lumia 730 rocks....

    1. Amazing camera quality (front and rear).

    2. After installing 86apps (76 in my SD card) in my lumia 730, it just works perfect without any hassle in amazing speed.

    3. Much more improved UI in lumia denim.

    4. Everyone in my relation who looks at my phone quotes "It looks so slimmy".

    5. Cortana-alpha version works very well in quiet atmosphere (I am expecting the full version).

    6. Battery life is good.

    7. Video in 1080p - sounds good.

    8. Best phone in the 14-15k club.

    9. Asphalt 8 is working good.

    10. Video streaming also works perfect.

    11. The best business phone - MUCH IMPROVED MSOFFICE.

    12. Syncing with my windows8.1 PC and UNIVERSAL APPS works perfect.

    Now about windows OS, I love windows OS just like anything. My first smartphone is windows phone 6.5(HTC TOUCH VIVA-used 2years prior the period of ANDROID), second is windows phone7.8 (LUMIA 510-used 2years in the period of ANDROID) atlast the windows phone 8.1 (LUMIA 730).

    Suggestions about rear camera - Main camera should be a scratch resistant glass as i had absorbed some scratches in main camera. I had bought with a local retailer who doesn't have any accessories such as flip cover or silicon cover( since the model is brand new).


    10-26-2014 02:05 PM
  2. prasath1234's Avatar
    No wonder it is running out of stock.congrats for getting a Lumia 730.hope u enjoy your device.
    From Windows phone
    10-27-2014 02:09 AM

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