1. Grumpydev's Avatar
    I've got 2 new 735s (bought at different times from different places) that both exhibit the same two issues. The first one is when I have the Ringer+Notification volumes set to 7/10 or below then the unlock/lock/camera/keyboard sounds are extremely quiet and have a low level hiss in the background that makes them virtually inaudible. All other audio sounds just fine (including ringtones and mail alerts), and upping the volume to 10/10 makes it audible again (although I don't think it's as loud as it should be). I tried to film a comparison between these phones and one of the 630s I have but I don't have a good enough mic to pickup the sounds that well. It's definitely not a "config" issue because I can reset the phone and the problem is apparent in the initial setup. I also don't think it's a hardware issue because a) two phones and b) normal audio (ringtones, videos etc) play just fine and the volume seems reasonable.

    The second issue is around the navigation bar and the fact that it randomly seems to "shade" itself out whereby it gets a stippled overlay over the top that looks terrible. Tapping on any of the bar buttons brings it back again, and it doesn't seem to happen in any particular context as I can go in and out of things without it doing it, then it shades, I press back and it comes back again, and I can go in and out of things again without it happening. I've taken a screenshot of it, but it looks far worse on screen:


    Both phones actually have slightly different software versions (despite being purchased within days of each other and having the same "build date") and both have the same issues - it feels like the latest release of the firmware is a beta rather than a final release :-/

    Anyone else have similar problems and, more importantly, anyone managed to work around them?
    11-24-2014 08:13 AM
  2. Slackulator's Avatar
    I've noticed the nav bar bug too, although I have the option to always display it dark.
    I am sure the sound issue happens on my 735 too but I have disabled the sounds you mentioned so can't say for sure.
    11-24-2014 04:11 PM
  3. Audigy's Avatar
    The "graying out" of the navbar is not a bug but rather a burn in saver feature for AMOLED displays. Such strong white mainly on static icons on some contrasting backgrounds can lead to temporary burn in which can turn to permanent in the long future.

    "Graying out" those areas after some inactivity time, can help reduce/eliminate the problem.

    If you cannot bare it, then you should opt for an LCD based WP device.
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    12-05-2014 03:38 AM
  4. Triogap's Avatar
    Thank you, Audigy. That is a great explanation. It's a pity though because the icons look way better on the black with an AMOLED display.
    12-15-2014 02:58 PM
  5. kssandefur's Avatar
    Personally, I am starting to hate the Lumia 735 the more I have it. I can't hear when there is any background noise. And, using any headset I have tried is next to worthless for phone calls. Either I can't hear the other end or they cant hear me. The Lumika 735 has ridiculous volume issues that are just dumb at this point in current generation phones. My little clamshell LG that I just gave up never had this issue and it was 6+ year-old tech. There are just a multitude of little crappiness that add up to make the 735 suck.
    09-13-2015 12:15 PM

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