1. Windows Central Question's Avatar
    i installed latest windows build for my mobile and after that the people,contacts,messages didnt shown up so i dont hard reset but after doin this hard reset....my showing just showing the sad smiley....i removed the battery and tried a lot but still the same issue
    06-29-2015 12:38 AM
  2. ttsoldier's Avatar
    use windows phone recovery tool to get back to 8.1
    06-29-2015 12:44 AM
  3. zankarkulkarni's Avatar
    i am also facing same problem, do you get any solution...
    08-06-2015 09:10 AM
  4. zankarkulkarni's Avatar
    its not working with windows recovery tool
    08-06-2015 09:12 AM
  5. v535's Avatar
    Disable AV programs and try it. If everything fails it could be H/W issue.
    08-06-2015 12:47 PM
  6. MOSJ's Avatar
    I was able to find a solution. See this thread.
    08-10-2015 11:03 AM
  7. Shiv Kumar Verma's Avatar
    my windows phone is no star and no reset show sad smiley plz solution me?
    09-03-2015 01:56 PM

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