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    Second full day with build 10586.36 on my lovely but underpowered Lumia 730 and I'm seeing a substantial increase in battery life compared to .29
    More specifically, while using the phone the battery seems to hold the charge way better than the previews build and also the battery indication is now correct and update like it should (example: won't stuck at a certain percentage and then plummet after seeing a single e-mail)

    Also on every single one of the previous builds, the start screen/ app list would stutter on random occasions (dropping to 15-20 fps) but the strange thing is that it would stutter ONLY on start screen/ app list but not if you open any app at that instance. So yeah, the .36 build has almost solve this issue too..

    Still can't call this build release worthy but it is getting there. Eventually. You know.. Soon

    side note: come on MS give us some genuine mid-rangers!!
    (something with better SOC than the bloody SD400) (also 2Gb of ram would be appreciated) (thank you MS) (you are the best MS) (we love you MS)
    12-19-2015 07:56 AM

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