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    Yesterday I received a text message that was supposed to include someone else I know but instead it had a contact I didn’t recognize. The contact was in the form of an email address.

    When I checked my Contacts App, I found that it now showed this additional email address added to the contact that I was expecting to be copied on the message.

    It turns out that somehow a new contact was added to my Contacts App and linked to the persons account I was expecting to be copied in the message so that my original contact now had two email addresses, his and this new address and he said he had never used that new email address.

    I did a search on the new email address and it belongs to someone on the other side of the United States that I’ve never contacted or heard of. The person who was supposed to be copied never heard of this person either. The sender of the original message put the correct contact in when the message was sent and that contact also got the message and everything looked fine on his end and didn’t show this new email address.

    I unlinked this new contact in my Contacts App and deleted the new contact and everything seems fine.

    Anyone else have anything like this happen to them?

    I don’t know if it’s a phone bug, an Contacts App bug, an Internet transmission clitch or some type of hack!

    My phone is a Lumia 735, running Windows 10 Mobile and up to date.
    02-10-2017 09:40 AM

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