1. boneycat's Avatar
    has Nokia said how many units were sold the first week?
    11-20-2011 09:06 PM
  2. tissotti's Avatar
    has Nokia said how many units were sold the first week?
    Nope, and i doubt they will. While there has been many good news about it performing well in the markets it's selling, it's still available in very limited countries so the numbers wont sound good in the marketing perspective.

    If they are to announce them, they will probably do that in the Q4 report.
    11-21-2011 12:39 PM
  3. yloop's Avatar
    I know on Orange it's been our most pre-ordered Nokia handset, which considering how popular the N96 and N97 were is a pretty big deal.

    If I hear anything about units shipped from us I'll post it up.
    11-22-2011 05:24 PM
  4. dreamerbala's Avatar
    I ordered mine on the 17th via Telemarketing at Vodafone. And they were telling me that its a very sought after, phone (could be marketing talk). They told me that they had 2000 in stock the previous day and currently only 6 left (17th mid-noon). The retail shop (3) in my Local town (Cheshire county), they had only 2. Same was the case with the retail Vodafone shop. I suppose what this implies is that the market behaved pretty much as Nokia expected it to.
    11-23-2011 04:21 AM
  5. boneycat's Avatar
    11-23-2011 03:24 PM
  6. perbear's Avatar
    I have taken the plunge and invested in a Nokia Lumia 800. Officially it is not in Sweden yet but the mail order and stockroom company NetOnNet have imported it from "the manufacturers in Europe". It was announced late night they had it in stock and this evening it is already on its way to me. I am excited! I am not quite sure yet whether this will be a Christmas present for me or for someone else.
    11-23-2011 04:36 PM