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    ...which, rather fabulously, I won courtesy of MS/Nokia :)

    Thus far, I'm very impressed. Nokia Maps is outstanding, as is Nokia Drive - I will never use Bing Maps again, basically. It just isn't as good. Nokia Music also very impressive.

    But the real impressive stuff is the hardware and how well it does the basic stuff. This phone clings to a signal like its life depends on it - it is usually 2 or 3 bars higher than my HTC Mozart, and can find and hold signal where my Mozart has nothing/find 3G or HSPDA where the Mozart barely manages GPRS. It also grabs a GPS lock much more quickly, the camera is much superior, the whole OS faster (and it was pretty fast already) and the build and design top notch. WP7 now has a phone where the outside is as elegant and minimalist as the OS inside.

    The screen is lovely. AMOLED does take a bit of getting used to after LCD, but the fact I was able to use the screen outside in bright sunlight seals that deal.

    Things I'm not totally sure of yet: MMS seems to be crocked, but I'm 99% sure that's my network - however Nokia could do with an HTC-style setting app in the Marketplace (though that's coming, apparently). And battery life. I've just let it run down to completely dead, and will let it get to 100% and see how we go. I think I may miss my Mozart's 1800 mAh extended battery though. That regularly got me 2 days use. I think I'll be lucky to get 1.5 at best now.

    But, all things considered - this is a classy piece of kit. Can't wait to see what Nokia pull off with EA exclusive games, as that will really push this over the top.
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    11-23-2011 05:15 AM
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    The Lumia 800 is no doubt the nicest WP7 handset I've seen. It has top notch specs and is kept at a decent size. I think the Titan is too big and don't care much for the cheap feel of the Focus S. I didn't really care for Nokia joining forces with WP7 at first but the Lumia has actually impressed me as much as current top Android handsets and the iPhone 4S.
    11-23-2011 12:52 PM