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    Having just pre-ordered the Lumia 800, I'm starting to wonder if I've made a mistake and if I should cancel it quickly. I'm currently using an LG Optimus One, which is a cheap, laggy Android phone. I played around with an HTC Radar in the store and really liked WP7's interface and smooth operation, but found the Radar's design rather ugly and low on specs. The Lumia 800 offers the same system in a much nicer package... the price seemed on the high side considering the specs (single core, no front camera), but they offered free Monster earphones with the pre-order, which sweetened the deal.
    The thing is that I'm starting to read reviews that say the 8mp camera is actually pretty lousy, battery life is not good, and worst of all there is no tethering feature. I know that Nokia have said that they will add tethering through a future software update, but are we talking a couple weeks or a couple months? This is something that I'm in the habit of using several times a day. A battery-fixing update seems to be on the way, but will anything be done software-wise to improve the camera? Having used a low-end phone for the past year, I want to upgrade to something really good and it's starting to sound like there are a lot of trade-offs with the Lumia. Thoughts?
    11-26-2011 08:04 AM