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    Hello everyone,

    i bought new nokia lumia 800 i bought this mobile from prepaymania.co.uk with 23% discount deal

    but now i share with you, How To Win Nokia Smartphone?

    This contest only for windows and nokia developers

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    If you needed any more convincing that Microsoft is serious about pushing development on their mobile platform, then here's the next episode in our series on Microsoft-giving-stuff-to-devs-for-work-they-would-have-done-anyway. And before you ask, yeah, that title is a work in progress.
    Previously we saw promotions for UK developers to get free gadgets, and giveaways for Canadian developers, now all you Australian dev's can get in on the action.
    The requirements are pretty much in-line with the other promo's where all you need to do is publish a certain number of apps to the Windows Phone Marketplace by a certain date, and then receive either a Lumia 710, or a Lumia 800 depending on how many you can get out by then.

    Qualifying apps must be published between Jan 1st 2012 and 12 midnight EST Mar 30th, 2012.
    Publish 3 new apps for a Nokia Lumia 710 or 4 new apps for a Nokia Lumia 800
    The sooner you publish your new apps the sooner you’ll receive your Nokia Phone (subject to availability).
    Apps must be new and published to the public marketplace and excludes updates to existing apps.
    This offer is only open to Australian based developers who submit apps to an Australian registered Windows Phone Marketplace account.
    For budgeting purposes, this offer is limited to the first 50 developers who publish 3 or more apps and is limited to 1 phone per developer.
    There are a number of promotions in progress with Nokia in Australia; the apps submitted for this challenge must differ from those submitted elsewhere. ie no double counting.
    If you are an Android or iPhone (or any other platform for that matter) developer, I'm guessing promotions like this may help tip your decision in our favor. If not, maybe Indie success will.
    Either way, the time is now!
    01-07-2012 05:38 AM