1. mattlow93's Avatar
    Here in the UK, Nokia seems to be giving companies lots of Lumia 800s to give away as they please.

    Pretty much every major newspaper has given at least 2 away in prize draws, phone retailers have given them away (Phones4u gave away 10 in a day, Dialaphone gave away 5, etc).

    I won one, and it had been stamped "Not for Resale" by Nokia on the box.

    Seems a bit of an odd thing to do really, as I'm not sure Nokia gains much from doing this. The companies get people's details, so they can advertise to them, but Nokia doesn't seem to get anything...

    01-07-2012 06:32 AM
  2. palandri's Avatar
    I am by no means a marketing expert, but it's advertising the new Nokia windows phone by having the contest and I guess that's the idea.
    01-07-2012 07:38 AM
  3. mattlow93's Avatar
    Good point! That hadn't crossed my mind
    01-07-2012 07:50 AM
  4. Pronk's Avatar
    I think it's to build community, awareness and buzz too. Or at least that's what I was told when I picked up the Lumia 800 I won ;)
    01-07-2012 10:45 AM
  5. fbloise's Avatar
    I won mine in the Amazing Collective contest in the Nokia UK Facebook page.
    01-10-2012 06:04 AM