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    In a previous posting I said I would wait for the second generation Nokia about the time my current subscription at 3 Sweden expired. Not so. I fell for the opportunity to purchase a brand New Lumia 800 intended for the German market, 16 GB memory and neither sim card nor tied to any operator. The officially release date for Sweden is still January 23.

    Now when I am trying to set it up on my second provider Tele2 Sweden it won't connect. Could it be that it won't connect because I am using the same Live ID for my first generation WP, my Samsong Omnia 7, or could it be because I have not set the data traffic, e-mail and MMS? A third option might be that I am almost a week away from the official release and Tele2 is not allowing the phone in on their net?
    01-18-2012 02:39 AM
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    If you haven't set up the APN, you'll not be able to connect unless on wifi.
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    01-18-2012 03:05 AM
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    Thanks RustyU! I got in contact with the customer support of Tele2 AND Nokia but both were uncooperative - like in all cases where two parties and the end customer are involved it is neither party's responsibility. Anyway, Tele2 mentioned APN and it took two calls to get the information that I should use. Due to the fact that that Nokia model is NOT OFFICIALLY RELEASED in Sweden they did not have specifics for Lumia 800 but "I could use some other model of Nokia's because the setting is all the same." Still does not work. I lean very heavily towards that the Lumia is not allowed into the Tele2 mobile net until its release date (which should be on Monday next). It is frustrating.
    01-18-2012 04:31 AM
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    You can use the APN from any other Tele2 phone, they all use the same settings in the end.

    They appear to sell the HTC Radar, the settings for that would be identical.

    You could try:

    APN: internet.tele2.se
    Username: <blank>
    Password: <blank>

    Apparently that is the correct setting.
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    01-18-2012 05:52 AM
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    My long reply just vanished as I thanked you RustyU. What I tried to say was that the problem remains. Tele2 support confirmed once again that I should use what you wrote in your suggestion. Nokia confirmed it as well but voiced my suspicion that Tele2 is not allowing my phone to connect due to it not being officially released in Sweden yet. So I have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to see if the problem is resolved then. Irritating. Frustrating.

    My Nokia was BOUGHT in Sweden (ON nETONnET) but imported OBVIOUSLY from Germany (at least intended for the German market, which does not bother me if it works).

    Edited January 24: After many attempts and with long talks with the Nokia Support Team I finally decided I would send back my Nokia Lumia 800 which I bought from NetonNet. Obviously something was wrong with the phone. Instead I popped into my local Tele2 shop and inquired if they had a phone available, which they had. All in all, I unpacked the phone, inserted the micro sim and away I went. After configuring the phone with a Windows Live ID and a Nokia account I was set for the Internet. And out of the box it had OS version 8107 installed! A most happy fella I am.
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    01-18-2012 09:11 AM