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    I pre-ordered a Lumia 800 back in November and received it in December when it was launched here in Hong Kong. The lack of tethering was a big problem for me, but I decided I would wait for the eventual update, since I really wanted Nokia Drive and Maps. So I was surprised that neither of these applications were on the phone, and when I contacted Nokia, I was told that they were not available on the Hong Kong release of the phone. I complained that i) both features were highlighted on Lumia advertising on Nokia's HONG KONG website, and ii) this was my primary reason for selecting the phone. After another complaint and long delay, I was told that the two apps would eventually be made available through the marketplace. Another month, another complaint and the local customer service rep said that there was no information at this time and she refused to let me discuss the situation with someone more senior.

    So i'm stuck with this phone that doesn't have the main apps I wanted, STILL doesn't have tethering and also has poor battery life. It's not just that I'm a dissatisfied customer, but they have falsely advertised the product features (probably through carelessness.. they removed the mention of those features after my complaint) and they have no right to ask me to wait indefinitely for a solution. I can't even understand why they would purposely omit these apps for a particular market? Is there anything I can do to get a satisfactory outcome from this situation?
    02-15-2012 11:21 AM
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    Contact corporate...
    02-15-2012 01:52 PM
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    Contact the customer services hot line

    02-19-2012 06:43 PM
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    the same to you,thanks
    02-20-2012 06:31 PM
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    Since, I have bought this mobile on 24th of March, 2014, I have been facing issues. First of all it started off with heating issues. as soon as you start the camera, it used to heat up so much that you cannot hold the device in your hand. I accepted it thinking that this phone being the highest oferring from Nokia should have some automatic mechanism to cool it down. Then after 5 months it started to show white patches on its display. i went to nokia care, they straight away resetted it and handedover to me. I noticed the patches again and told them and they took it back again and told me that it will take one month for the display replacement. Imagine 39k Rs phone started issues with display in just 5 months of usage. I didnt agree for that and I filed a complaint with nokia online. They said display will be replaced in one week. After 10 days i handed over the phone to nokia care for display replacement and they called me next day to collect it. When I went to collect the phone, they said it is ready. When i took the phone in my hand, i was shocled to see that the feather keys light for back and home keys was not coming on. and Nokia care people assumed that the phone is all fine. Look at their perfectionism and how they try to fool people. When I complained again they checked it for 20 minutes and said there is a problem with the Motherboard. OMG! highest range nokia made mobile developed 3 major problems in 6 months... How can we trust this brand and spend thousands of Rupees on it? They said they are sending the phone to Delhi for further investigation. I contacted the email support again and escalated. After I insissted to speak to the Manager, the call was transfered to one of the Managers called Mahinder. I tld him that I have spent my two month's salary to buy this phone and this phone developed 3 major problems within 6 months and I cannot take a risk of keeping the same handset again. So I asked him to give me refund or a new replacement handset. He assured me that he will arrange for a new lumia 1520 handset. When i got a call from nokia care to come and collect the replacement phone, I was shocked to see that they have sent me the same old piece of junk. MY old phone only. But as per Mahinder's conversation and email I received, I should have been sent a brand new lumia 1520 and I should have been the fist user of that. But that is not what has happened. And That was the call Mahinder came on call, and after that he is not ready to come on call and talk to me until now. He is asking his sub-ordinates to handle the issues. It has been one month now I have been chasing for the resolution of my issues but I have not got any concrete solution. One person says i will get a call back from back end team. Other says i will get a call back from nokia care center. And i am left with no options other than to wait. In one year standart warranty, my phone is with nokia care people experimenting with my phone for one month. I need my warranty to be extended for this reason as the phone was not with me. Now All I need is either a refund of my amount 39,000 Rs or a brand new handset lumia 1520 replacement.
    11-25-2014 02:43 AM