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    I did this last night and it worked well. Its a little harder that just plugging in to Zune but if you are tired of waiting and are a little adventures go for it I did. For me it worked as advertised was fairly simple to do. I will be testing this week and will report back on the results.

    Link > How to force update Nokia Lumia 800 to latest firmware 12070 | SymbianTweet
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    03-17-2012 07:47 AM
  2. CocoaBlossom's Avatar
    Just did it and it works fine. Really simple to do. Thanks
    03-20-2012 12:19 PM
  3. Jnbs's Avatar
    Hello I am new in this page. I have a doubt if I force the update will I receive any other updates that will be available after this one?.Thank you in advance
    03-25-2012 11:26 AM
  4. JimiDiGriz's Avatar
    I followed the instructions and had no issues. Orange UK and rumour has it they aren't even looking at this firmware yet so I decided to stop waiting. My battery was okay beforehand to be honest but I wanted the audio improvements. That said it wasn't as good as it is now, I've been running a little test with 3g and wireless off unless required (using the toggle app pinned to start which is a Godsend) and current stats are:

    Remaining : 55%
    Time remaining: 23 hours
    Time since last charge: 1 days 18 hours

    Discharge is around 70 mA

    That's with over 20 texts and maybe 30 mins total phone call time. Plus the odd bit of wireless/3g on when required and the normal checking the phone for messages etc. Hardly scientific but pretty good battery life I thought.
    03-27-2012 05:42 AM
  5. JimiDiGriz's Avatar
    Just as an update, you can check when your carrier is releasing the update here:

    Nokia Europe - Nokia Lumia 800 software update - Availability

    Still quite a few 'waiting for approval' (including Orange UK)
    03-29-2012 12:31 AM
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    04-26-2012 06:25 AM
  7. David Bowes's Avatar
    Here's one for you. My phone has no update notification, the manual cab files to force the update won't work. My partners phone has been updated though. We have the same model, same network and the phone numbers are consecutive.

    How's that?

    I want the latest updates but seems I have to wait.
    02-02-2013 12:44 PM
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    I unstickied this. It's almost a year and I don't want anyone thinking it's for the 7.8 update.
    02-03-2013 09:55 PM