1. Lumia2012's Avatar
    Went to TMobile yesterday and tried the Lumia 710. Cool phone, but a bit small for me. I did try calling my wife and I heard her perfectly. She said the quality was great on her end too. Then I went to the AT&T store and tried out (again) the Focus S, the Titan and the Focus Flash. Well I called my wife again from all three (she was on the same work landline). The Focus S she said was ok not great, the Titan (I know the history here) she said was worse - it sounded muffled, in a tunnel . The Flash at first, she said, sounded best but it did sound digitized. She concluded that the Nokia sounded best. So, that said, I'd like to ask Lumia 800 owners what their call quality is like on both ends. (I look fwd to the Lumia 900 and notice on the Nokia website specs it notes 'excellent antenna performance.')
    03-21-2012 09:37 AM
  2. paradiseware.com's Avatar
    I have an unbranded Lumia 800 on AT&T. The sound quality is excellent. I can hear callers as well or better than our land line. Callers tell me that I sound "normal, like a real person". No tunnel effect.
    03-21-2012 09:50 AM