1. JimiDiGriz's Avatar
    I've had my 800 almost three months now and for the most part keep it in the case. I find this frustrating as the phone itself is such a fantastic design but the camera is just too prone to scratches. Now however the case is starting to look a little grubby; slight wearing on the corners and a bit faded where it gets gripped or rubs against surfaces (it's not that bad but I'm kinda looking for an excuse) so I'm thinking of ditching the case and baring all. How to protect the camera though? I'm sure I read somewhere (might have been in this forum but I can't find it) that some people have been just using sellotape cut to fit over the camera plate. Can anyone comment on if this works? As for anyone else not using a case, how bad has the wear been on the phone body and camera plate?
    04-16-2012 04:30 AM
  2. MAERSK's Avatar
    A cut out of scotch tape should work. I've heard these from Gadgetshieldz are best for Lumia 800s. The skin comes with a small cover for camera as shown in pic. Here's the only discussion I've been able to find about them:

    Lumia 800 Full Body Scratch Guard by GadgetShieldz
    04-16-2012 03:25 PM
  3. mprice86's Avatar
    I don't use a case on mine at all.

    The camera plate is a bit scratched up but its on the back and, well, I don't find myself in situations where I'm looking at the back closely enough to notice.

    As fir the rest of the phone? No scratches or nicks on either the body or the screen; other than the back plate the phone looks exactly like it did when I bought it. That said, I've never dropped it, put it in the wrong pocket with keys or thrown it into a pile of gravel and then jumped on it.

    I would recommend taking it out without the case and seeing how you get on. It's really quite liberating. The camera plate is always going to get scratched at some point anyway so liberate your phone and enjoy it how it was meant to be used!

    Just, please be careful.

    EDIT: I should point out that yes the camera plate gets scratched, but not the camera lens. The recess that it sits in, though shallow, has done a flawless job of protecting the camera glass, not a mark on it.
    04-17-2012 02:57 AM
  4. SLO Eclipse's Avatar
    I only use the ''gelcase'' that was included with the phone, no scratches anywhere whatsover, but I have to knock on the wood, beacues I didn't drop it a single time.
    But I imagine that the gelcase does not help much if you drop the phone on the floor...
    04-17-2012 02:14 PM
  5. sleepyking's Avatar
    hey all, I was able to make my own screen protector for the chrome plate. let me know your thoughts.

    If anyone is interested, I can make these for you. please PM me.
    04-18-2012 11:03 AM