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    I don't intend to bash Nokia or WP7 here, just wanted to voice my opinion on why I ultimately gave up on the Lumia 800.

    first off, I have been wanting to get a WP7 phone since the first Samsung Focus was released. I even was ready to purchase at an AT&T store with cash on hand w/out the contract, only to come across an idiotic employee who said they don't sell any phones out the contract (even though they listed the out of contract price??)...anyway, that's another story.

    anyhow, I decided to then wait once Nokia partnered w/ MS for these phones, and ultimately jumped on the Lumia 800 last month from an iPhone that I've been using for the past 3 years. I was amazed by how gorgeous this phone was once I received and started using it for the first time. and I will say I thought I would never go back to iOS.
    then, my interest started falling apart over several things - one main thing being the battery issue many of you may know (even after the latest update).

    the battery issue became such a deal breaker for me. I could not use the phone and enjoy it the way the user interface and functionalities was meant to be. I developed a habit of always going to settings just to see how much battery I had left, which was an annoying thing to do on its own, but even more annoying to see that the battery can drain from 90%, to 40%, to <20% w/ minimal use within a matter of hours. trust me, I have tested this for a few days by leaving my phone idle at work.

    it even got to the point where I emailed Nokia several times, only for them to respond with basic tips on how to preserve battery life (ie turn off 3G when not needed, turn off wifi, turn off live tiles, turn off background apps). well heck, if I have to do all that, then how could I even use this phone to its full potential? also, I never had to worry about such silly issues nor will I ever want to, and sorry to say this experience has made me worry more about using the phone than feeling that it's a much more usefull tool than my previous phone.

    other issues that also irritated me was how it seems the developers half-assed their apps with WP7 (apps that are also available in the iPhone). the reason the lack of total apps did not bother me is because who cares if iOS has 1 million apps versus WP7's 30k...I only use less than 30 key apps. but even with the apps that are available, they are not even as useful as the iPhone version.

    ESPN Scorecenter - cannot choose favorite sport or favorite team. live tile finally came out but you can't pick what info you want to see.

    YouTube - app exists but it's merely a link to the web browser version???

    Music - cannot even stop music completely w/out having to download an app, which by the way I had to google this as there'd be no way I could've even seen this app or look for it in the store (or even know it exists because you wouldn't think you need an app to stop music??)

    Weather - no native app, must choose one based on reviews
    Stocks - no native app, must also choose based on reviews
    Notes - no native app

    even 3rd party apps like Yelp - it cannot be used unless you turn on location services..which lead back to battery issues. I use Yelp all the time to look at info and phone #s. I dont want to have to turn on location just to get this information.

    Flixster - has terrible quality videos

    Videos - how do you drag through the video instead of hitting rewind or fast forward?

    SORRY this is so long and if sounding as I am bashing, I am not. these are my legitimate concerns and just wanted to share in case anyone out there has felt the same way.
    though I switched back to iOS, I do wish WP7 success as well as Nokia and all the other manufacturers. I guess it's just not for me, at least not yet.

    I hope in Apollo many of these issues would be addressed. but still, you would think that if MS and Nokia wanted to make a dent in the smartphone world, they'd have learned from iOS and Android, and at least release functionalities that at the very least match what iOS/Android already offers instead of playing catch up with every major update.

    I am sure many of you will not read this crap but for those who do and care to share your thoughts, thanks in advance. and again I do not intend for this to offend anyone, but apologize if it does.
    05-08-2012 11:48 AM
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    I agree with you on most points, especially the short battery. I don't have that anymore after having updated, but I can totally understand how you feel since I had the same issues before the update... As for the apps, the native notes app should be MS Office One Note.
    05-08-2012 01:31 PM
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    I bought a Lumia back in november at launch day and returned it 10 days later because of the horrible battery life. Two weeks ago I took the chance and bought it again. Battery life has certainly improved over the last three patches, but it's still pretty weak, not even close to my iPhone 4S. If used in a similar fashion the Lumia does not last me for more than 8 hours while the iPhone got through an entire day with ease. This is the only gripe I have with the device. So far it's the OS that's keeping me from selling it (and its awesome design).
    05-09-2012 01:59 PM
  4. HeyCori's Avatar
    Notes - no native app
    Did you phone not come with Office? OneNote not your forte?
    05-09-2012 04:24 PM
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    you're right. forgot about OneNote as I was used to just using a note app w/out having to go into another app to access it.

    but, that still doesn't meet my many other concerns with the other apps and their functionalities
    05-09-2012 11:56 PM
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    You gotta remember this is a 1.5 year old OS with one major update so far. Apollo may address some of your issues but you can work around most of the issues currently. Yeah the work arounds are not out of the box but if you believe WP7 is a prettier and nicer OS then make the sacrifice and do the work arounds for now. Then hopefully with another major update in Apollo you may be even happier. Here are some work arounds for you:

    ESPN Scorecenter - Yes you can choose favourite sport, league and team. So I'm not sure what you're doing wrong there. The live tile is weak though so I give you that. iOS doesn't have live tiles so your not losing out here.

    YouTube - Have you used the mobile site? it's actually not that bad. There's some apps out there that do a better job like SuperTube that may be what you need.

    Music - Confused about your issue here. Are you not content with just having Play/Pause available and not Play/Pause/Stop? Surely pause is just as good as stop?

    No native apps for weather/stock and notes:
    well your notes question has been answered. but seriously you have a smartphone and the 30 other apps you use, you would have to do some research for as to which ones are best. so an extra 2 is worth complaining about?

    Videos - that is something you have to live with till hopefully apollo comes out. i'm a bit bummed about this one as well.

    3rd party apps - unfortunately another patience issue but i've noticed over the past few months heaps of apps are getting updates for the better so hopefully flixter is fixed for you. i don't use it so doesn't bother me.

    as for battery issues, mine's working fine. i've found as long as brightness is set to auto then battery should last long enough. if you've downloaded apps that work in the background you don't use anymore then it is better to switch them off from running in the background (settings/applications/background tasks) or just deleting the app. if your firmware isn't on 12070 then that could be why your still having battery issues.
    05-10-2012 12:42 AM
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    I don't disagree that WP7 is a prettier and nicer OS. but you can't trade in functionalities just for pure looks. at least I can't.

    ESPN - my mistake if I don't know how to select favorite teams or sports, but I have seen others complain about this issue as well so either it does not exist or is not as intuitive as it should be. it's not even just that, even some of the headlines take you to a link rather than having all the content within the app. this ties in to many apps in WP7. it seems as if developers only create an app full of links rather than making the app itself the centralized information center for that particular category.

    YouTube - I am fine w/ the mobile app. all I'm saying is another app has been created as a mere link to a website - look at the ratings for this app and see how many feel the same way. my point in this matter (and other apps) is that they are half assed. if you're going to create an app (and for MS to approve them), then create an app, not a link.

    Music - i've no problem pausing the songs. I am saying it's kind of awkward for a music player not to have a stop button. mainly because merely pausing songs on WP7 keeps the info on the lock screen and anytime I toggle the volume. in this case I can, and have, easily accidentally pressed play and music will play when I don't intend it to, especially at work.
    this is enough of an issue that an app had to be created to fix this (Stop the Music). so I am obviously not the only one who dislikes this lack of functionality. it just plain silly.

    videos - I agree it should be improved in Apollo

    3rd party apps and native apps - yes I use 20-30, but of those I would do the research as they are based on what I want to use the phone for (ie productivity, finance, entertainment, etc.) weather is such a basic feature that's included in pretty much all phones. I have tried weather and stock apps (free ones) on WP7 only to be stuck w/ ones that have ads...

    Battery was definitely the lowest point and yes I have had the latest firmware since day one. I have researched this many times and it seems to be hit and miss. 50% of people have the exact same problem while 50% seem not to have it. if that's the case, are 50% of the lumias defected then? also from my readings people have been trying out multiple combinations just to see how well the battery performs (set brightness to this, turn off this background task, turn on battery saver, turn off wifi turn off 3G)....that's nonsense. why should the user have to worry about this? and the way WP7 is meant to be used, these adjustments to preserve the weak battery just makes the OS pointless. I can't even use Yelp w/out turning on location for crying out loud.

    I am aware this is a young OS. all I am saying is as much as I have and am rooting for it to succeed, I just wish they came out with a bang. not necessarily be toe to toe w/ iOS or android (although would be nice), but at least have the most basic capabilities available from the get go. also for MS to approve fully functional applications, not half assed ones just for the sake of having that particular app and/or increasing the marketplace. I don't think that's too much to ask at all.
    05-10-2012 01:39 AM
  8. Jrexxx's Avatar
    Just want to comment on your last point: remember that the they got the lumia 800 out in 8 months, so I'm personally surprised that the final result is that good. Plus they are still pushing updates, so the experience will only get better! I still understand why you would give up on it. The battery issues alone make sense.
    05-10-2012 04:45 AM
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    true, but also note that the 800 is a replica of the N8. So it's not like they built it from scratch in 8 months.
    Plus I jut happened to run into a friend last weekend who has the N8 and he said its battery was really poor also.
    05-10-2012 08:57 AM
  10. dannejanne's Avatar
    It's weird that some gets such bad battery life. I have not had bad battery life on any firmware version. I have a lot of stuff on like allowing location for everything lots of live tiles on start page connected to Xbox Live... you know all the stuff you have your smartphone for. And my phone easily lasts a full day even with very heavy usage (if I don't game too much that is).
    05-10-2012 10:17 AM
  11. sleepyking's Avatar
    yeah I agree it is really weird. I wish I had the same experience as you on the battery and I likely would've kept my phone. I had to turn many things off.
    to quote you: "you know all the stuff you have your smartphone for" is exactly what I feel this phone should be out of the box for everybody.
    05-10-2012 10:32 AM
  12. Heron_Kusanagi's Avatar
    Enjoying my Lumia 800, so I am sorry to hear about your experience.

    Then again, I had a meh experience with Android, and my friends who use iOS had troubles with their batteries, etc too. So its a classic 'Your Mileage May Vary' deal IMO.
    05-10-2012 11:52 AM
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    Picturing the battery issue on the Lumia 800 give me that comparaison to a Rolls Royce with a halv liter gas tank...;)
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    05-23-2012 03:28 AM
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    I loved my Nokia Lumia. Even the battery life was not a major concern for me. The thing that really made me frustrated was being unable to sometimes read the small font. It's a very minor thing, font size, and most phones have a way of reducing or increasing the size except to the Lumia! Went back to Android even though I still own my Lumia, can't get myself to sell it. Such a beautiful phone!
    05-30-2012 03:00 AM