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    Had my Lumia 800 for a while now and it's a great phone, but there is a major issue with the bluetooth. Whenever I am actively using bluetooth (say listening to music on my bluetooth headset) it works fine. But as soon as I stop using it for any length of time it starts going through a cycle of disconnecting and connecting. I also use a link-to-cell home phone so I can answer my cell phone on the house phones but the lumia 800 won't stay connected. I can watch the little blue light go on for a few minutes, then off for a few minutes, then on...etc... It's like the phone tries to turn bluetooth off when it goes to sleep and the device it's connected to is repeatedly trying to wake it back up.

    My old Evo 4g, iPhone 3gs, and Galaxy Nexus have no issues staying connected so it's gotta be something with the phone or WP7 operating system. Anyone got any ideas?

    A very sad Mumzy
    06-04-2012 09:41 AM