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    Ok, i feel, that i have to tell you all my story.

    At, first, i have to say, that i'm big fan of nokia, since 1991, when i bought my fist "mobile" phone (Nokia Mobira Talkman NMT450).

    My last device was N8, which was great phone, with lot of features, i'm missing now.

    Few day ago, i get my new Lumia 800. I love design and how fast it's perform. It's incredible fast, i must say. I think, this is great move forward from Nokia, but ...

    .... There is too many things, i missing.

    No TV output (no HDMI, no 2.5 TV-OUT), no, FM transmitter, no micro SD slot, no great camera and lots more.

    TV output, i love to use in my car, where i have 2 LCD screens and this allow me to watch movies i stored on my 32 GB micro SD, or live video streaming on my car system.

    I know, some apps and updates can bring software, i liked on N8, but that's all.

    I hate, that i cant send video, over the MMS, and worst, i cant sync all my stuff from N8 on Lumia, as calendar, notes, pictures, music etc.

    I hope, Nokia will develop device, with all these hardware features.
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    06-23-2012 06:23 PM
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    I have a Nokia N8 and it's my primary phone. I also have an HTC 7 Trophy which is my secondary work phone.

    I certainly like the Windows OS, a lot more than Symbian^3. My next phone will be a Nokia 808. I wish the 808 came with the Windows OS.

    Your right, the Nokia store for the Symbian OS is nice, and has great games, but Symbian has been around a while.

    I've used the HDMI connection on my N8 once. I always upload my pictures and movies to my computer. I have used the FM transmitter a few times. I have a 16GB micro SD card in my N8, which is on top of the phones 16GB, which is nice, but it's more space than I'll ever need.

    You should be able to transfer your photos and music from your N8 to your computer and then to your 800 through Zune.
    06-23-2012 06:52 PM
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    You'll get video SMS with the tango update, which is right around the corner.
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    06-23-2012 07:17 PM
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    1. No TV Output
    -Definately possible with WP 8 although you could use DLNA now.

    2. FM Transmitter
    -Don't know if WP will ever have this feature :(

    3. Micro SD Capability
    -Coming in WP 8

    4. Limited MMS
    -You will get the upgraded MMS with the Tango update coming up.

    5. Sync between Symbian and Windows Phone
    -If the Zune softwareis gone when WP 8 comes then their might be a more open and easy way to move data.

    6.PureView Camera Technology
    -Nokia says they will bring this to WP

    So all in all it looks like your best bet will be one of Nokia's future Windows Phones. I think we will see a ramp up and lot of different devices with a whole lot of different hardware specs.
    06-24-2012 01:40 AM