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    This has just started happening the last few days. I've had the Lumia since April and had an Omnia 7 for a year before that and haven't seen this happen before. Basically scrolling the tiles or the icons in the app list scrolls fine and there's no scroll lag, but any images on the tile e.g. pictures, contact tiles won't show till a split second after i've scrolled or sometimes the tile doesn't show at all and then appears, and in the app list if i scroll fast the icons are grey and the icons takes a second to show up.

    if i reset my phone it all works smooth again and after a few hours of use it starts to happen again. i haven't tried anything else and I suspect a hard reset may fix it.

    possible causes i think could be i've probably downloaded the most amount of apps in a while and doing a quick count of the icons in my app list I have about 125 apps. not sure if one of those is killing the phone. I've disabled background tasks of all apps except couple essentials, weather and wp central.

    i've read somewhere the latest whatsapp update may have a bug affecting the phone but haven't uninstalled as yet to see if that is causing it.

    latest apps i have installed are WOR - Dig, Fhotoroom and Encyclopedia so not sure if any of those is causing it.

    Because it takes a few hours to see if the issue occurs after a reset i will post updates as I test different things. first I'll be removing whatsapp and resetting. Then I may remove some recent apps and try again.

    I also had a quick look for an app to tell you how much RAM is being used on the phone. Anyone know of any?

    And anyone else experience similar problems?
    08-22-2012 10:34 PM
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    Only lag, mess ups I've experienced were while charging with a faulty wall charger.

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    08-22-2012 11:01 PM
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    This also happens on my phone, but not too often. I also had a feeling an app might be causing since I tried a few out, but like you, wasn't sure which one.

    Another thing I noticed was occasionally, the Accuweather live tile would just be a blank (in my case Nokia blue) tile. I don't really want to do a reset since it's not too bothersome for me. Hopefully the 7.8 update or maybe an app update might fix it.
    08-23-2012 04:07 AM
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    Ok so I uninstalled fhotoroom, whatsapp, london 2012 and a few other apps i don't use anymore, reset the phone and it's been 5 hours and no lag.

    I'll keep monitoring it and see what happens.
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    08-23-2012 04:41 AM
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    Do you still get that lag on your tile images? I don't get it as much as I used to since I got rid of one of the accuweather tiles. I used to have 3 but now only have 2. I also noticed the accuweather tile no longer displays a blank tile image (i.e. a blank nokia blue tile). I've been running it like this for about a week now.
    09-04-2012 04:32 AM