1. hannardynamite's Avatar
    I updated to Windows 7.8 this morning on my Lumia 800, and I absolutely hate it.

    I've tried using the restore to last point on Zune but it keeps saying that my phone cannot be restored.

    Is there a way to revert back to 7.5?

    02-17-2013 08:09 AM
  2. WavingReds's Avatar
    have you tried to hard reset your phone first to factory reset and then do that?

    That's how I did mine...
    02-17-2013 11:09 AM
  3. WindowsPhone8User's Avatar
    Why do you hate 7.8?
    02-17-2013 11:16 AM
  4. WavingReds's Avatar
    Why do you hate 7.8?
    Well from having no lag and smooth buttery feel to lagging and stuttering I'm pretty sure that's why, I know that's my reason for going back to 7.5
    02-17-2013 11:57 AM
  5. WindowsPhone8User's Avatar
    I'd factory reset the phone, remove some apps, block some background tasks, 7.8's not normally that way. My parents phone has 78 on the radar, smooth as 75...
    02-18-2013 10:33 PM
  6. akashpats's Avatar
    hey, try this :
    1. Disconnect the phone from the pc and switch it off.
    2. Now, press and hold the power button + camera button + Volume Up key and after few seconds you will be in the download mode.
    3. Connect the phone to PC and the zune will automatically detect and open restoration screen.
    02-18-2013 11:05 PM
  7. Yonathan Zewdie's Avatar
    hello ppl

    I have htc radar c100e and updated it to windows 7.8 from 7.5 and after the update the battery is getting hotter and drains a lot. I want to revert back to windows 7.5. i tried hard reset, i dont have restore in zune. dont know what to do. anyone help please

    04-30-2013 06:24 AM
  8. Yonathan Zewdie's Avatar
    i tried mine with hard reset and zune doesnot have a restore point, is there anyway that i could find wp7.5
    04-30-2013 06:26 AM
  9. Yoga Fahlevi's Avatar
    03-27-2014 03:08 AM
  10. digginz729's Avatar
    still noanswers?
    10-15-2014 06:37 PM
  11. poststamp's Avatar
    You can flash back to 7.5 with nokia care suite. The software is still downloadable. When i search for an RM-801 with product code 059l9q7 I find 1750.0805.8773.12220. And it works, i flashed my old L800 back with it and it runs normal. And after that you can upgrade it with zune. Your own product code is on the sim tray, take it out and read it then fill it in the data package manager.
    12-14-2014 12:26 PM

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