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    I've had this a few times now and it drives me mad each time. My Lumia 800 now no longer syncs via wireless.

    I used to zap this machine a lot and I've always only been able to recover from it when I format and reinstall. But now I have everything set up as I want, I really don't want to do that again.

    My Zune HD's syncing wirelessly fine through all this, so Zune on the PC isn't broken for wireless sync as far as I can see.

    Could it be a Mac problem? Both of my main "PC's" are Macs and I run Boot Camp for Windows. In Boot Camp, I notice subtle differences here and there with unexplained but consistent slowdowns in certain situations or increased crashes / instability in Windows even compared to my crappiest 'real Windows' rig, but it's not bad enough to be a real problem and I've had this problem before (thogh only once) when I had Zune running on a Dell.
    06-04-2013 04:03 AM
  2. stmav's Avatar
    You aren't alone with this problem. There was one link that some people say worked for them using the trouble shooting method further down the page. Some just gave up. Here's the link and good luck. Zune Support | Wireless syncing from your Zune software | Zune Software - Xbox.com
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    06-04-2013 09:19 AM
  3. fatpigeon's Avatar
    and good luck.]
    I'll assume you typed that with a resigned shrug...
    06-04-2013 04:33 PM
  4. fatpigeon's Avatar
    Did everything there, no luck BTW. It is probably something to do with that, but the exact fixes there don't work.
    06-06-2013 06:28 AM

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