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    I have just got my Nokia Lumia 800 back from being repaired yesterday, the second time this year it has had to be repaired.

    Despite backups and the WP7 site getting back to where I was before the phone was sent for repair is a bit of a bind. In particular I am having real problems with Nokia Drive - it first of all only wanted to display My Commute and even then would close after a few seconds. Today I tried to set the route and whilst it allowed me to search and select my drive to location Nokia Drive then just simply closed, re-opening it I was able to select recent locations but again it closed after calculating the route and me selecting the "Drive to" option - every time it promises to provide me with directions and then simply closes.

    As part of my "re-build" of my phone I had a Windows Phone upgrade which struck me as a bit weird as I would have thought it would have been updated as part of the repair process - the docket from the repair indicates software was checked and updated.

    I think Nokia Drive is a great App and would like to be able to continue using it. Am I the only person who has experienced this "feature"?
    07-09-2013 05:24 AM
  2. Dominic Moss's Avatar
    This issue appears to be resolved after downloading updates for Nokia Drive
    07-10-2013 12:34 PM
  3. Dominic Moss's Avatar
    Bit too hasty I am afraid - Nokia Drive appeared to be working fine, it remained open whilst I searched for and entered favourite locations. However attempting to use it for its intended purpose, showing me how to get to a selected destination, it resolutely fails. Every attempt to use navigation results in the location being found and a route calculated from my current location but on pressing the "Drive To" button Nokia Drive elects to close down.

    This newly encountered "feature" is really disappointing as I have found Nokia Drive up to now to be perfect for my needs.

    How can I recover it to be working how it used to?
    07-11-2013 12:53 PM

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