1. glossallalia's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I tether my 810 to my windows vista laptop to go online. I want to purchase itunes music. I tried to update itunes and it can't access the server. Also there is a firewall issue - but my laptop firewall is good. I know there isn't an itunes app for my WP8. What can i do???
    05-17-2013 08:07 AM
  2. dukrem's Avatar
    Not sure why iTunes won't work through tethering. Check to see you haven't run out of data and check that you can load a web page while tethered. Also check that your current phone data plan includes support for tethering, a lot don't and will state as much in the terms and conditions. As for buying music on your phone, here's the story:

    Most of the music you can buy on iTunes is protected by DRM (or digital rights management) which effectively means you cannot play the music you purchased in any other media player except iTunes. Unfortunately the only mobile devices (tablets or phones) that iTunes is available on are Apple devices (iPad and iPhone), and windows 8 pro tablets, so if you have an android phone or a windows phone there is no real way to play your iTunes music on it. If you want to purchase music for your 810 I'd recommend using either the default music service for your platform or a cross-platform service.

    The main music service on windows phone is xbox music (otherwise known as zune), through which you can buy music outright just like on iTunes (which you get to keep permanently), or as an alternative just pay $10 per month to get unlimited access, meaning you get as many downloads and as much music streaming as you want (the only catch is that as soon as you stop paying the subscription you don't get to keep any of the content you downloaded). You can also access this service on your windows vista laptop by downloading the "Zune" software from Microsoft.

    The other alternative is to use a service that will work on any mobile device including iphone, android and windows phone. The most popular of these is probably spotify, which is an app you can download on your 810 that works on a similar model to xbox music, with a $10 subscription that will allow unlimited access, but again only while you keep paying it.

    Unfortunately the google/apple/Microsoft music services work only on their own platforms, and they are not interested in helping out their competitors platforms by supporting them.
    05-17-2013 08:54 AM
  3. glossallalia's Avatar
    Thanks Dukrem,
    I can access the web on my laptop using my WP as a hotspot - it's included with my T-Mobile plan. I have an itunes gift card and want to use it, otherwise, yes, I'd use XBOX.
    05-17-2013 09:36 AM
  4. waazzupppp's Avatar
    Have you tried accessing Apple services via the web also? The iTunes server should be the same as the Apple services (iCloud etc.) sites. If that works, then there was just a problem with iTunes... go figure...
    05-17-2013 12:00 PM

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