1. sdoca's Avatar

    I just got my Lumia 820. My current phone is a Nokia 7510 SuperNova, so this is my first foray into smart phones as well as WP.

    I've been playing with the apps as much as I can (have to get a new micro SIM card tomorrow from carrier and am limited to wifi for now). One of the major things I use my phone for is a daytimer. I've been with the Calendar app, but am finding some limitations to it (can't set recurring appts to 3rd Tuesday of the month for example). I'm not sure if it can't be done or I just can't figure out how.

    If there's built-in help pages for the apps, I can't figure out how to access them. I've tried searching for help on the application online, but typing in WP8 and "Calendar" brings up a lot of stuff, but not what I'm looking for. For you WP vets out there, where is the help for the standard apps?

    11-29-2012 11:56 PM
  2. jamalalf's Avatar
    firstly, welcome to windows phone :D

    now, about the calendar. what I do is use my email calendar and sync it up with my phone. you can sync your gmail, live, hotmail, facebook, and other calendars. I have an appointment that occurs twice a week every fortnight, I set it up on my hotmail calendar and it automatically synced with my phone :)

    hope this helps.
    11-30-2012 02:37 AM
  3. sdoca's Avatar
    Thanks for the suggestion. I currently don't use any other email calendar system for my personal calendar (work is another matter and I want to figure out how to connect to our Exchange server, but that requires extra steps due to corporate policies). If I have to go that route, I will.

    But, isn't there some sort of help for what I'll call the "standard" WP8 apps?
    11-30-2012 10:51 AM
  4. Morq's Avatar
    Look for nokia apps, I found my lumia710 lacking some tools (like additional camera options), downloading multitude of nokia apps delivered most of the missing features to me, and are closest to "standard apps" you can download right now.
    Next thing -> setup your mailboxes to be able to read emails asap, that's the first thing I do when I get onto new phone.
    You can also get wpcentral app to have easier access to news about wps :)
    12-04-2012 05:05 AM

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