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    I simply register to this site...just to post my thoughts after reading some of the few posts from this forum.
    To whoever having a windows 8 phone currently...with good or bad impression about it,hopefully we can be patience and let microsoft prove to us how well this Wp8 could be.
    Further more Windows phone 8 is a newly launch mobile OS. I bet there will be more update coming up and good apps to be launch.
    I've been using Nokia all along since 1990s and had my Nokia Lumia 820 for nearly a week now. Beginning to understand how this Windows Phone 8 function and what it features.
    I simply like the homescreen with it live tiles and how easy it was to simply pin up your favourite to the homescreen.
    With Metro UI, it simply make wp8 stands out above the rest.(Iphone and Android)

    As for the cons that i experience...
    1.) Unable to install apps to SD card.
    2.) Poor Facebook apps
    3.) Still lack of good apps compare to Iphone and Android. (Well, what can we expect as WP8 was just newly launch.)

    Overall I still love my Nokia Lumia 820 because of the phone itself. Good apps and cant buy me over a good Nokia phone.hehe.
    In Nokia i trust!! In Microsoft i hope a good future of this phone will be!!
    12-14-2012 05:53 AM

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