04-23-2013 07:46 AM
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  1. armaco's Avatar
    Unlocked L820 updated last night in Spain.
    02-21-2013 06:10 AM
  2. Ifeanyi Okonya's Avatar
    did mine in Nigeria...works pretty well so far
    02-21-2013 06:19 AM
  3. Reui's Avatar
    Portico Update, Unbranded HK, funny though I don't have enough storage for the update file so I had to uninstall some apps.
    02-21-2013 07:29 AM
  4. Dragule's Avatar
    My phone updated last night, I live in France :)
    02-21-2013 07:40 AM
  5. IC Blues's Avatar
    Check manually just an hour ago. Finally get the update in Indonesia.
    02-21-2013 07:46 AM
  6. infinidim's Avatar
    anyone know if this update is coming to the 820 in the uk? still no update here....
    I'm interested in the answer to this one as well.
    02-21-2013 01:12 PM
  7. tim3804's Avatar
    No updat for Nokia 822
    02-21-2013 01:27 PM
  8. Kriminal's Avatar
    (UK 820 owner) :

    I'm presuming mine is waiting to upgrade as we speak/type, as I have an 'update' waiting to be installed (manually checked).

    Unfortunately, as per norm with this phone, I'm unable to download the 'upgrade' as I don't have a Wifi connection!
    02-21-2013 01:28 PM
  9. craigy18181's Avatar
    I downloaded mine in the uk tonight.
    02-21-2013 02:51 PM
  10. Nev Cornforth's Avatar
    UK here too, mine updated last night. Lumia 820 on O2 contract bought through mobiles.co.uk (if that matters). Unbranded and unlocked I think.
    02-21-2013 03:28 PM
  11. bozza72's Avatar
    Whats in the update does anyone know ?? im on vodafone in NZ so still waiting
    02-21-2013 04:41 PM
  12. robert peake's Avatar
    just manually checked and the update is there, sim free UK. weirdly i had it set to notify me of updates but i still had to manually search. All is good, ive been at 99% for quite a while, still im impatient.
    02-21-2013 04:52 PM
  13. eReS's Avatar
    seems that Portico is available already in Poland - updated my L820 yesterday
    02-22-2013 04:03 AM
  14. bb1137's Avatar
    Downloaded mine on Wednesday night 8x on o2
    02-22-2013 04:18 AM
  15. Iskassasya's Avatar
    I downloaded mine too, I see no battery improvement but maybe that is WhatsApp sucking it up?
    02-22-2013 04:39 AM
  16. huismeester's Avatar
    I downloaded mine too, I see no battery improvement but maybe that is WhatsApp sucking it up?
    Also the new version?
    02-22-2013 04:40 AM
  17. Ixolite's Avatar
    seems that Portico is available already in Poland - updated my L820 yesterday
    Yup, got it at Orange in Poland.

    Not sure, but I think that either battery indicator is more precise now, or the battery is holding a bit better now. Might be wishful thinking tho...
    02-22-2013 06:14 AM
  18. infinidim's Avatar
    Got my update for the Lumia 820 yesterday evening. Did the update - no issues. Monitoring battery life and camera performance and will update you after a while with what I have seen.
    02-22-2013 08:51 AM
  19. Cpt_Streamline's Avatar
    Unbranded sim free uk. Just installing update now and will update when I know more.
    02-22-2013 04:00 PM
  20. robert peake's Avatar
    I downloaded mine too, I see no battery improvement but maybe that is WhatsApp sucking it up?
    when i updated mine OS i also had an update with whatsapp, i'm not sure if im, dreaming it but i cant really see any improvements with battery life at all, only been using it a day but everyone keeps commenting how much better it is. I like the additions to whatsapp when sending a pic etc...
    02-23-2013 04:00 AM
  21. Reui's Avatar
    I got problem on the autofocus after the update. It seems the camera shots too late when the focus is on. I had to repeatedly shot it. This never happened before.

    First Shot

    After 5 Shots
    02-23-2013 08:45 AM
  22. robert peake's Avatar
    after the update ive put mine on 3g connection and battery is still shocking, will go back to 2G, but pretty poor still. i might try calibrating the battery which i saw some instructions the other day. Dont know but thought this was going to be the big fix,, I have whatsapp which also upgraded at the time and also skype i wonder if they are doing any damage.
    02-23-2013 11:26 AM
  23. Kriminal's Avatar
    I took a drive out to a Shopping Mall today to try and find a 'WiFi' site where I can carry out the download (not having WiFi at home). After the phone spurted out all different error codes, I basically gave up!

    My final error code which came up when having a coffee over the Gym this afternoon was '801882cb'....this jumped up when the download was at 4%. I just don't understand why Microsoft didn't, a) open a site where you do all your downloading from, ie. iTunes type, and b) let the consumer know that WiFi would be required to gain full usage of this device.
    02-23-2013 02:29 PM
  24. robert peake's Avatar
    i think my battery might be worse, lol.... it was bad to start with....
    02-23-2013 04:03 PM
  25. Ixolite's Avatar
    OK, so my battery is actually, definitely worse after the update - that is probably on account of WiFi keep alive that I turned on in the options. But yea, I'm seeing some worse battery performance now.
    02-25-2013 07:34 AM
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