1. Nick Sikharulidse's Avatar
    So I've got a 64GB SD Card on my 820 and after the first update of 8.1 about 50% of my apps were stuck on installing, other 20% weren't opening at all. Soft reset didn't help. After about a week some of the apps started showing up again but the problem was that I couldn't download new ones from the store. It would just come up with an error. After a few more days, new music that I'd download via PC wouldn't open in the native music app or any of the others. Then, the picture hub started lagging, not saving new camera photos and mixing everything up, deleting some, duplicating others... I decided to hardware reset my phone. It fixed the app store problem but not the photo hub bug. Even worse, my phone doesn't even recognize the SD card anymore. Any music that I try to play just crashes the app or pops an error. When I go into storage sense it just says scanning, then the "Fix the SD Card" window pops up and it doesn't matter whether I press yes or no, nothing happens for hours, days. Today, this phone refused to show the card when I connected it to a laptop, since I decided to format the crap out of this thing, hoping it would solve my problem. So, any hints people? I really need some help here
    09-03-2014 06:07 PM
  2. Manu Tyagi's Avatar
    take your card out from phone..put it in sd card reader and format it for once..hard reset your mobile....just backup your data before doing hard reset..
    09-04-2014 12:19 AM

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