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    First impressions have all been good minus the lighting issue I seem to have a problem adjusting to on this camera.

    My history of phones is pretty deep, though I'm certain someone else here will trump me. In the past I have owned a blackberry storm, original Motorola Droid, HTC Thunderbolt, iPhone 4, Droid RAZR MAXX and now...a Nokia Lumia 822.

    I also fix these things for a living so it's important for me to explore and break these things. Then turn around and fix them.

    I want to start out with the keyboard. The keyboard is by far the best keyboard I have ever used. There is no input lag or delay, occasionally it won't autocorrect my mistakes - which is find. It's the lesser of two evils from what I have seen.

    The screen resolution is fine. Nothing to complain about. I do find myself changing the theme color of my live tiles frequently throughout the day to match my mood. Currently it's green....not sure why....just felt like green this morning.

    Customization. I'm still adjusting to this, I've seen some screenshots of other users desktops which look slick. So I'm sure it will eventually get there.

    Settings...the settings in the phone ate easily laid out. I had 0 issues finding what I was looking for as it just seemed to fall into place. The only beef I really had was that it takes 10-15 minutes for the phone to complete a reset in the phone but I should be grateful for this as I often feel other devices reset too quickly, giving it a higher chance for an error to occur.

    The UI...this interface is just smoothe and sexy. Everything I do on the phone transitions smoothly from screen to screen. It has a learning curve but its easy enough to grasp within a day or two. It really is just a lot of phone to use my phone.

    It was a difficult decision....choosing WP8 over an iPhone 5 or Droid DNA. But I'm happy with my choice. I'm tired of Apple producing a bland product and Google a messy one. WP8 brings balance and it works. We will see how it holds up over time.

    Oh...WP8 comes to life on 4G. WP7 users will surely be able to see a dramatic difference (trophy users).
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    11-16-2012 10:16 AM

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