View Poll Results: If you have a wireless charger, do you hear the (digital) clicking noise?

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  • No (Nokia Charging Plate)

    5 29.41%
  • Yes (Nokia Charging Plate)

    11 64.71%
  • No (Other Brand Charging Plate)

    0 0%
  • Yes (Other Brand Charging Plate)

    1 5.88%
  1. goodsit2's Avatar
    So my partner and I both got lumia 822s, wireless charging covers and the wireless charging plate. They work great except for one strange occurrence, so I wanted to gauge others to see if there's does this as well. When either of us lay our phones down on the plates, there is a faint (digital) ticking noise. I'm about a foot and a half away and its just barely audible. If I take the phone off the plate, it stops making the noise. I have pretty good hearing so for others you might have to put your ear up to it to hear anything.Do others experience this problem or should we send our plates back?
    12-13-2012 10:24 PM
  2. s0briquet's Avatar
    I am also having this problem - I didn't notice it for the first few days of use, either because I didn't hear it or it hadn't started yet, but now I hear it - and it's pretty annoying...

    Did you end up returning your plate?
    Peter Wong3 likes this.
    01-24-2013 03:21 PM
  3. bigboy29's Avatar
    Interestingly enough: I have also noticed the ticking noise (I use the Energizer's dual-phone inductive plate) but it is not coming from the plate nor from the phone; it comes from the Surface that is parked nearby. :| It appears that the inductive field is creating enough of a charge in my Surface's speakers to translate into electrical-sort of noise, very rhythmic in nature. As I move the Surface away from the plate, the noise gets weaker, at about 2 feet, it is gone.

    01-25-2013 02:08 PM
  4. John D II's Avatar
    YES! Both my mine and my wife's make the noise. It is because the charging plates are right next to our alarm clocks. The noise is coming from the alarm clocks. Induction does this. I would bet you have a speaker near the charging plate. I have heard the phone do it on its own, but its so quiet I had to put my ear against it. With the alarm clock ticking it was loud enough to hear from a few feet away.
    Oh Ya1 likes this.
    01-27-2013 10:44 AM
  5. Skelnik's Avatar
    I can't post links in comments (yet), but doing a search for "The noisy mystery of Qi charging circuitry - solved!" should bring you to an AllAboutWindowsPhone article that explains the ticking noise. I never heard it with my 920 or 1520, on account of their composite cases, but I do hear it on the 830.
    Laura Knotek likes this.
    02-05-2015 05:02 PM

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