1. kona0197's Avatar
    So I had a few questions after switching to the 822. Here they are, and thanks for the help.

    What are the best free apps I really should have installed?

    Are there any apps for mountain biking? I'm looking for a free app that will track via GPS the route I take and measure my distance and perhaps speed, time, etc.

    I'm looking at a wireless charging pad on eBay for the Nokia 920, would it work for my 822? I have the wireless charging back cover installed.

    The lock/unlock button - should I expect it to wear out over time? Is there a way to fix it if it breaks?

    How do I make a song I have on my SD card a ring tone?

    Thanks for the help, sorry to be a bother.
    05-13-2013 08:31 PM
  2. etphoto's Avatar
    First app I put on my phone was wpcentral. Great app.
    05-13-2013 08:38 PM
  3. badcat's Avatar
    I can offer some help with the wireless charging question. I bought a Nokia DT-900 from Verizon and it does not appear to be 822 specific and works great with the 822. I'm guessing if the charging pad is Qi compliant it will work just fine. As far as apps go Win Phone Central is a must have (not free though). Check the Nokia section of the app store. There are some cool Lumia specific apps there that you might find interesting. And BTW, no bother at all...

    EDIT: Here's a link to some biking apps. http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/st...ountain+biking
    05-14-2013 06:01 PM
  4. kona0197's Avatar
    Thanks for the help guys. My main concern is the unlock button. Will it wear out? And by the way can I get a pair of Bluetooth stereo headphones to listen to music/answer calls with this phone?
    05-15-2013 06:03 PM
  5. immyperez's Avatar
    I would assume that any Bluetooth headset would work. I have a yellow Nokia Lumia 920 and a pair of Nokia Purity Pros (also yellow - but they come in black, red and white as well)!

    They are a little pricey but are AMAZING! I actually wear them when I'm driving, lol! I get some looks...but who cares.

    I can answer calls, redial, listen to incoming text messages, reply via spoken voice and any other voice command that the phone does - ALL WITHOUT TOUCHING THE PHONE!

    They block out external sounds amazingly...even at lower volumes.

    Check them out at http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B009...pUvbUpU1978922
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    05-15-2013 06:13 PM

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