1. Bosgarage57's Avatar
    hey guys, I know im late to the party, but I've been wanting to try WP for a while, and since I've been reading about 8.1 I thought I'd finally give it a shot. Im switching from a Note 2, I think im gonna miss that 5.5" screen :(. I happened across a white 822 for fairly cheap and jumped on it. I got it today, and i'm still installing updates on it :( Gotta love slow internet. I think im installing the final 8.1 preview right now for it so yay!. here are some things I do on android, if you could give me suggestions for WP that would be great:

    1) Torrent downloads, I believe there is 1 actually torrent app and I'll check it out. I hope I can get it to download in the background
    2) Widgets, im sure gonna miss them, I had quiet a bit of them: Bluetooth auto pairing, Pandora, music, to turn foxfi on, flashlight
    3) Foxfi, is there an app to turn my phone into a mobile hotspot? Will the "internet sharing" work? I am still unlimited data, and by golly, I use it :)
    4) Not sure if the 822 has a notification light, but If not, Im gonna miss that. my note 2 did, it would flash blue for a missed txt, phone call, and green for email. I hope with glance though it'll alleviate that. I also had a 9300mah battery on it, it literally lasted 4 days without charging :)
    5) I am happy to be back with wireless charging. I've already ordered the wireless charging back, does anyone know if my old Palm pre Wireless chargers will work? I guess I'll find out soon when I get the back in, I've got a ton of the Palm Chargers laying around from my Pre2 Days.

    Really I don't play a ton of games, or socialize much. I have facebook, but mainly use messenger to talk to certain family members, so I don't have to wade through the other crap on Facebook. Can you assign different sounds for different people texting you?

    I am gonna give the 822 a spin, but I went into my Verizon store today, and they have the Ativ SE on sale for $.99, that's right, cheaper than online, but she said my father would have to be with me so I can transfer upgrade to keep my unlimited (he was late to the game and has the "family share" bs). They sure are trying everything to get rid of all the grandfathered in people. I'll buy a phone for full retail before I do that though. thanks for having me, Im excited to be here.
    06-08-2014 09:41 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Welcome to WPCentral. I hope you like your new 822.
    06-08-2014 09:56 PM
  3. xandros9's Avatar
    I'm on my phone so i can't do my usual "input in bold"thing as many have seen. Here goes.

    1. I think there is one, but Windows Phone is much more strict regarding background tasks than Android, so I'm doubtful.

    2. If its any consolation, Live Tiles are a different design thing, but can be compared to widgets. 8.1 has added quick toggles too.

    3. besides the built in functionality, there is an app called Tether-X. I don't have personal experience with it first hand though.

    4. Nope, no notification light.
    I'm not sure, but does the 822 has Lumia Black and Glance 2.0? Then it'll show counters for notifications. If the 822 is stuck on an older firmware, then it'll just be a clock.

    5. Ah, another exPalm user! I miss my Pre2 sometimes. Since Palm did their touchstone before the Qi wireless standard was done, it will not be compatible with the Qi equipped 822, 920... Not compatible with PMA either.
    fun fact, I use my touchstone to hold metal tools now. :)
    Now if you hacked a touchstone coil to replace the Qi coil in the back cover, I think it'll work.

    I don't think you can in FB Messenger, but you certainly can add custom tones in normal texts through the People app.

    The ATIV SE would blow the 822 out the water in specs naturally, it's a fine device. The 822 is still respectable though.

    Welcome aboard!
    06-08-2014 10:12 PM
  4. Bosgarage57's Avatar
    thanks for the welcomes, unfortunately Im gonna have to switch back to me Android until I can get some other things sorted on the WP. My biggest issue right now is a tethering App. Tether-X will not work, you have to run cmd prompts and create a special network before it will work, and the build it will not work as I technically don't have a hotspot plan active. Bummer, I was just getting it setup the way I liked it. I wish Foxfi or someone could get it working, they had an old Windows app, but think it was via usb. Will continue to research for a solution for this.
    06-08-2014 11:43 PM

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