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    So a couple of folks here at Windows Central know I was able to flash an unbranded US Lumia 635 LTE RM-975 ROM on my AT&T 635, something which has not been possible yet. At the end of the day, I was running the Denim firmware + Update 2 (OS 8.10.15137.148).

    I was wondering if anyone would like to try the same method on their AT&T Lumia 830 RM-983 to convert it permanently to an unbranded RM-985 device? Benefit would be a completely new phone variant that receives firmware updates directly from Microsoft and not AT&T. Current RM-985 ROM for the US unlocked variant is on Denim. This method can also be extended to get Update 2. Plus you can flash to any RM-985 ROM variants (there are plenty for Americas). I don't have a RM-983 device to test this myself, I own a RM-985 US unlocked LTE variant.

    I would like to warn though, this process is untried on the RM-983 and may damage your device permanently. And it will permanently change your RM-983 to RM-985. You won't be able to use Windows Phone Recovery Tool or Lumia Software Recovery to restore your device. The only tool that would work is the Nokia Product Support Tool for Store 5.0 after the flashing is successful. The process might also permanently brick your device which can only be repaired using JTAG so please be aware of the consequences.

    I didn't want to post details here to avoid confusion. Anyone who wants to try, PM me and I can give you the details. Don't post comments on "how do I do this" and "how do I recover my device" here, I won't be helping you with that (I will up to a certain extent). I can write up a walk through once I have at least one success story with evidence. And if this works then it could be also extended to the AT&T Lumia 1520, let's not get into that.

    PM me if you want to try it out.

    *** I won't be taking any responsibility if the process permanently damages your device. This is an experimental process and may damage your device permanently ***
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    very tempting. thank you for the opportunity. Any success stories yet?
    I will pm you.

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    05-30-2015 10:30 PM
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    RumouredNow and I've been going through private messages for almost 2-3 hours. Eventually he ran into some issues but he is going to re-try it again tomorrow after a hard reset. In short he was able to download the update but it does not install, something I had received too. I'll update you if it goes through.
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    Probably won't work. The NCS knows that you are on another product code...thus the ffu will not flash. Now, if you had another variant ROM based off that same product code...then yes. But this isn't the case with the ATT 830.
    05-31-2015 12:13 AM
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    It worked on the 635, RM-975 to RM-974 and back to RM-975 so may be it might. Again we will know it better tomorrow.

    Edit: Oh wait...I read your comment again, nope we are not using NCS so doesn't apply.
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    05-31-2015 12:45 AM
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    After numerous tries by RumoredNow eventually the method did not succeed. He would eventually try on getting Update 2 (15317) but that's about Lumia Camera 5.0. At least by now some of us know there is a way to bypass AT&T's checks and cross update/flash firmware from a non-AT&T device onto AT&T devices with SD Cards (520, 635, 820) and on some to get OS updates sooner.

    Thanks a lot RumoredNow for trying this out despite knowingly risking your device and perhaps most importantly, being patient

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    05-31-2015 12:06 PM

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