04-11-2012 12:02 PM
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  1. ErikWithNoC's Avatar
    I left an iPhone 4S and GSM Galaxy Nexus. Both were great, UI is antiquated compared to WM7. Love the UI (small gripe with the tiles, too much of the same color) and I'm still on the fence on how they list all the applications. Also seems like WM7 marketplace has a lot less free apps but I appreciate the try button. Most likely I have finally found the phone and OS that will make me leave IOS.

    On another note, I can't wait for Skype integration and I wish Apple would open up the FaceTime protocol (so I can FaceTime with my wife on her iphone).
    Tell your wife to download "Tango Video Calls" from the app store. That will allow you to video chat since Tango is preinstalled on the Lumia 900.
    04-09-2012 07:12 PM
  2. milk242's Avatar
    Tell your wife to download "Tango Video Calls" from the app store. That will allow you to video chat since Tango is preinstalled on the Lumia 900.
    I've tried the app. Video quality is poor. I'm going to try the Skype beta app and see if it's any better. From my experience with Android and the Iphone, Skype video quality was also poor (compared to FaceTime). I'm hoping for the best.
    04-09-2012 08:35 PM
  3. Daniel Ratcliffe's Avatar
    Inability to control separate volumes
    Not really a problem for me. I have an iPod Touch 4G that has that as an option. I use it. It's simple, and you know everything is all centralized. Integration you could call it. What WP7 is all about.

    no forward button or option in the browser
    You can have that one, it baffles me.

    the multitasking almost always kicks apps back to the start (they reload almost every time)
    Have you ever thought that might a problem to take to the app developers? I have many an app which tombstones properly. It works, if the app developer codes it in.

    terrible notification system
    Hardly, I like the notifications system. Also, the way the "Messaging" Hub works is beyond gorgeous. I love that shocked face when I have 4 or more messages. It really does give me that "WTF you waiting for?" feeling. The wink makes me think "Check me out" (as wrong as that sounds!)

    inability to select custom tile colors (unless Dev unlocked which many phones haven't been yet)...
    Really? I've found this to not be a problem for me. Even though I have had a developer unlocked device (I've got a developer account, I'm still trying to grasp Silverlight though). Current HTC TITAN is not developer unlocked btw, and has never been dev unlocked. My last one was.

    There are much more and I can point you to a few good threads outlining them all if you like.

    That being said there is a lot to like about the OS.just not enough to hold me over. I keep checking the forums for info on what Apollo or tango will have/fix.

    I would definitely consider coming back if the OS ever fixes things, which I think may be a long time away.
    I'm not turning away from this device. For a personal daily driver, this is perfect.
    04-10-2012 08:18 PM
  4. nokiaqueen's Avatar
    Symbian (E71)-->Windows (HTC Touch HD)--->Maemo (N900)-->Symbian (E72)--->Windows (L900)
    04-10-2012 11:29 PM
  5. tekhna's Avatar
    i know you don't want to get into that argument....coming from an Android fanboy who Pre-ordered the G1 even when everyone was dismissing it....i had Android 1.0 all the way up to 2.4 and my list for gripes is WAAAYY longer than yours is for WP

    You're not much of a fanboy if you don't know there is no 2.4 version.
    2.3.7-->4.0.1 for phones.
    04-11-2012 01:59 AM
  6. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I've never used iOS or Android. I was a BlackBerry user who switched to Windows Phone.
    04-11-2012 02:29 AM
  7. jbjtkbw007's Avatar
    Some of this is out of order due to overlapping, but here's my Android/iOS history (mind you, I work in Telecom): OG Droid, Droid X, HTC Incredible, iPhone 3GS, MyTouch 4G, LG G2X, HTC Sensation, Sony Xperia Play, HTC Incredible 2, Droid 3, iPhone 4, currently the Droid Bionic and briefly, the Titan for a week.

    As of Friday the 13th, add the Lumia to this Motley Crue.
    04-11-2012 02:59 AM
  8. NorCalGuy's Avatar
    I retired my HTC EVO 4G on Friday when I received my pre-order, I will never go back to Android --- The Lumia 900 is that good.
    04-11-2012 03:17 AM
  9. cckgz4's Avatar
    I can't remember the name of the Sprint phones I used in 2003-2004 so I'll start with my AT&T days and up.

    AT&T- Motorola Razr
    T-Mobile- A nokia flip phone (don't remember the name but it had a button to push that flipped the phone open, thought it was neat); Motorola Sidekick Slide
    Sprint- Palm Centro *loved this phone*; HTC Snap *loved this phone as well*; Palm Pixi; HTC Snap *back to*; Samsung Transform; Blackberry Curve 8530; HTC Snap *back to LOL*
    Simple Mobile- iPhone 3GS *using one really stopped the "instant dislike"*; HTC HD7; MyTouch4G

    Thinking of either joining with my partner and mother on AT&T and getting the new Nokia or sticking with Simple and getting the 710
    04-11-2012 03:33 AM
  10. properbostonian's Avatar
    Going from a iPhone 3GS to the Lumia 900. The difference is truly amazing. The Lumia is far superior but, then again, it should be. :)
    04-11-2012 12:02 PM
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