1. 7inchesNBPEL's Avatar
    have when I go pick up my phone?

    I am on a family plan so I am not technically the owner of the plan or any of the phones.

    I know the account info to sign in on att.com but that is about it.

    Would I have to bring my dad (account owner) in order to get my phone?
    04-05-2012 03:55 PM
  2. thepickupbear's Avatar
    Hey there - I can tell you from my experiences being the 2nd line on a family plan picking up previous AT&T upgrades - I had to have the primary account holder with me when I did it.

    I am assuming the same will be the case this weekend, so I'm dragging my partner out of bed at super early *** o'clock to head down to the Microsoft store :P hehe
    04-05-2012 04:16 PM
  3. oldpueblo's Avatar
    There's a place online in your account where you can authorize people on the account. I assume that'd be good enough.
    04-05-2012 04:57 PM